TSOPR Contributors’ Books

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The Poet Who Asked the Birds How To Fly is a mixedrhyme poem. Now, it is a book, a poetry collection to behold. You are about to read poems that will inspire you to explore and live your own myth.

The Walking Man is a bilingual French/English (mostly English) book, a collection of poems and spiritual songs. Certainly, it’s about poetry in general, with spiritual, uplifting and inspirational, love and other themes that reflect man’s life as he walks in this world. 
Trilogy Moments is such an inspiration, the eternal bond existing between the writers themselves. “Trilogy Moments” – winner of “Best Christian Poetry for 2009 Award” is a poetry book for the mind, body and soul, beautifully authored by the Spence family namely Joseph, Sheila and Jonathan Clarence Parrish Spence.
Magdalene & the Mermaids is a powerful collection of poems with themes that most women can relate. Certainly, this collection features a very touching and thought provoking collection of vers libre poems with a great use of metaphor that digs into all aspects of the human experience of Mary Magdalene, the biblical character, being sniped with disdainful language.

The Awakened One Poetics features over one hundred well thought Haiku poems in English, with translation in seven languages: Japanese, Polish, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, French and Jumeikan Patwa, giving the non-English speaking readers the chance to enjoy his Haiku, and also a number of non-Haiku poems that will comfort your soul.

21 Lines Fusion Sonnets by Sonnet Mondal. A new discovery in the world of Poetry.  New Rhyming scheme and other variations:- 21 Lines Sonnets.

Lava of My Soul is a collection of Iolanda Scripca’s poetry and essays inspired by her life, seen through the eyes of her Soul. 

Through Celine’s Eyes is a collection of poems about her grandparents, parents, sister and  uncle, her hobbies and interests, friendships, writing, and some about Connecticut.

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