Posted by: tsopr | June 1, 2012

Seeking Poetry for Anthology of Short Verse

Seeking Poetry for Anthology of Short Verse

Karen O’Leary and APF Publisher, Patricia Simpson are seeking short verse for a new anthology with the tentative title of Snippets…an anthology of short verse. We are targeting a general audience of all ages. With that in mind, we are looking for poetry that is easy to understand while still creative. Imagery is a plus.

We will not be able to provide free copies to contributors but hope to offer books at a reasonable rate. The book will be available online at which is the company that will be printing the volume. It is not necessary to purchase a copy to be included in the book.

Submission Guidelines

1. Submissions of unpublished and previously published work are acceptable. Please include the name of the initial publisher with any poem that is a reprint. We would like to include a special acknowledgement at the end of the book to recognize the publishers that have previously published any poetry within the book. It is up to the author to obtain permission if needed for reprints.

2. Send up to

3 poems 5-10 lines
5 poems 3 lines or less

We will try to give as many people as possible the opportunity to share their words in the book, so please understand if we cannot accept every poem we receive.

3. Preferred method of submission is to send your poetry as a Works Document-wps, with your name, address and phone number on each page. We would appreciate it if you would send as many poems as possible on one page to conserve the amount of paper needed to print it for review. Please email your submission to Karen O’Leary at . If it is not possible to attach the above document, you may paste it directly onto an email. Snail mail submissions are acceptable–please email Karen for her address. Please enclose an SASE if you are submitting by snail mail.

4. No profanity, erotica, or violence will be accepted.

5. There is not theme for the anthology. Religious poetry will be accepted but we would like to have a variety of poetry that will uplift and inspire the reader. Humor appreciated too.

6. The deadline is June 30. 2012.

7. Please email Karen at the above email address if you have any questions. We look forward to reading your words.



  1. Dear Ernesto and Staff,

    Thank you for publishing the information regarding my anthology. I have already received some wonderful poems from one writer as a result of your advertisement. I am looking forward to more in the days ahead. I appreciate all you do to promote writing. The Sound of Poetry Review is wonderful!!!

    Karen O’Leary

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