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Jovan Vuksanovich, Canadian Poet

Jovan Vuksanovich is a Canadian poet based in Montreal, Canada. For the past 7 years, he has been presenting his poetry mainly in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. In 2008, he recorded a CD of 9 of his poems entitled Deviant Melody. In October 2009, Jovan was invited to Warsaw, Poland as ‘Feature Poet’ (in English) to perform at 5 literary events over a two week period. Recordings of several performances can be viewed at .

Jovan’s poetry has been ascribed to the lineage of symbolists and surrealists, with cascading, provocative images oscillating between vivid imagined landscapes and bitter doses of reality. His poetry brings paradoxes to light through a noble rebellion cross-hatched with irreverent humour.

Featured Poetry

brand opia

range rover
mercedes benz
rendezvous to boast
who possess the most

tame bodies
tame brains
so tame tame
tame bodies
tame brains
so vain vain

I mercedes
lust of ladies
especially THAT one
boutique lovechild shopping for coco chanel
botox forehead
platinum highlights
nose job
bleached teeth
collagen lips
silicon tits
tummy tuck
liposuctioned ass
rolex wrist
obsessed by my logo since preteen
drive her and her girlfriend
silent witness to their after hours sex in MY backseat
what gorgeous unsuspecting blonde accessories
complementing my champagne beige exterior
sleek lines
unrivaled power
elite class

bmw chimes
I’m no nickels and dimes
check out my stud striking a pose at the bar
corvoissier in hand
cartier cuff links
armani suit
boss shirt
versace tie
gucci shoes
cavalli cologne
cancun tanned face
oh my grinning urban narcissus
flashing my fog lights
revving my pistons
ramming my stick shift
burning rubber all the way down rodeo drive
so totally under MY spell
always takes me and trophy girl to the best restaurants
jockeys me right up front on the curb
blatantly flaunts my downtown sexy cool

bogus logos
look at me
range rover suv
you can’t compare THEM to MY love slave femme
look at her
ms. high maintenance
prada eyewear
lululemon form fitting yoga slims
pilates lean body
silver bellyring
golden retriever
corporate hubby
private school brats
I LOVE her endless surface
nouveau riche bravado
nowhere does she motor without ME regaling her pedigree

what’s this?
class warfare?
I’m made in the shade cadillac escalade
white as blow
idling in front of a beverly hills starbucks
spinner hubcaps whirling like sparking diamond fans
check out MY hip hop antihero
projects diablo
wit da bling bling
strutting inside for his L.A. latte
scarface digs my dolby surround sound
smell of luxurious leather
narcotic for his ghetto pain
I just ride him everywhere
dominate his ass
mr. product placement himself worships the asphalt I roll on
I’m pope of pimps
heaven on wheels

they’re coming back
act like objects

tame bodies
tame brains
so tame tame
tame bodies
tame brains
so vain vain


m i n d r i n n n n n n n n n n g
thought stop
b l o o d r u s h
b r e a k
b r e a k

dream wake
dream sleep
snakejaw s o r a w
moon silver
sky black
sky d e e p
d e e p
b l a c k
b l a c k

s o u n d s e e
green eye
brain snake
tongue slither
w e t
w e t
cry out
LOUD soft
s o f t
s o f t

clear hear
eyes shut
eyes open
space you me
wide open
w i d e r w i d e

gone image you
gone image me
gone sink
f a l l i n g
f a l l i n g
sink sink
d i s a p p e a r

skin sex soft
taste new wet
thrust trust
s l i d e i n s i d e
wake dream
hot wake
m o a n
m o a n
love pleasure again
m o r e m o r e
I you look you see s m i l e
I you look you see l a u g h
suck wet feel
love wet wet
soul suck tongue
d e e p
d e e p

s o u n d h o l l o w
blood blind
suck breath
life death
cradle birth
daily day
blood lip
most ghost
lonely open
l o n e l y
l o n e l y
o p e n
o p e n

hawk’s beak mind speak
ice child
p a s t
p a s t
p a s t

follow lead
lead follow
mother tongue
old young
ash mind
corpse think
back dance
rain blood
d o w n r a i n
d o w n d o w n
r e d r a i n

feel with
deep feel
joy happy
s l i d e i n s i d e
wet warm
wet love
I you play w o r d
I you deep l o o k
I you deep b r e a t h e
easy e a s e
s o e a s y e a s e

many too many mouth words
many too many low high low
many too many night sleep
many too many dream day
many too many time tick time
spinning round round
spirit me body me
come g o
g o

many too many days dead
many too many laugh cry face
many too many never again see
many too many
live die
die live
love no
love yes
again spinning
m o r e
m o r e
many too many
break heart
pain flesh flesh
m a n y t o o m a n y

dharma drums

anorexic idealists
anemic moralists
mummified dadaists
sterile surrealists
post modern hypochondriacs
mourning the death of an imaginary god

mama’s got dementia
rage in absentia
papa’s dead dead in his grave

cheap thrill hedonists
spotlight hooligans
mainstream hoopla
literary lickspittles
midair cliche collisions
parallel uni verses
carnage on the rampage page
whirling carousel of the damned

mama’s got dementia
rage in absentia
papa’s dead dead in his grave

gold diggers
fast cars
venus mars
bourgeois barbies
hollywood harpies
airbrushed mongrels
frozen souls in starched armani
low-rise high rollers
pussy-whipped sons of nuns
happy-go-lucky crucifix airheads
cult of celebrity spit lists
retro roulette
age of pimps
drunken sailors on a ship of fools

mama’s got dementia
rage in absentia
papa’s dead dead in his grave

facelift jehova
botox redeemer
saintly psychosis
pious neurosis
priestly lust
ashes dust
pope opium with an epistle in his pants
ride ride cardinal jekyll
bishop hyde
parsifal awaits you
sporting anna sui eyeliner
christian dior rouges brilliant lipstick
sipping dom perignon at the grail castle after hours bar

mama’s got dementia
rage in absentia
papa’s dead dead in his grave

hell is for liars
no vacancy today
blink of an eye
madness reigns supreme
but look! look who’s dancing in the inferno!
holy rimbaud!
saddle the sabbath
gallop across satori savannahs
forget yesterday
remember tomorrow
french kiss buddha in his canary yellow
perched on eggshell blue
celebrate fate you irreverent few
forever creating the always new

mama’s got dementia
rage in absentia
papa’s dead dead in his grave

the new normal

never met a woman looks like you
eyes dark as night
so right
in love
so in love with you

mesmerized by the sudden shock of you

conventional morality
sexual orientation
fall away like broken chains
equally aroused in your presence
heart pounding erotic freedom
raucous rebellion against the status quo

even God
the Devil
flee angels
virtue vice
all heaven hell
mad mad fools at the sight of you
delirious devotees chasing after you

never met a woman thinks like you
rapier wit
mocking vain intellectuals
zero tolerance for arrogant dogma thugs
yet listening deeply to genuine seekers of truth
supportive of their search
island of solace against alienation
chilling loneliness
inflicted on courageous exiles
who dare eat forbidden fruit
champion of free thinkers everywhere
in awe of you
respect you
totally in love with you

never met a woman smiles like you
laughs like you
moves like you
so alluring
I dance
spin spin with you
entranced by you
out of control
drunk on you
inspired by you
in love
so in love with you
so wildly
in love with you

trailing scent of a hidden prey

whirlpool of deepening shadows
audacious call of the wild
masked mystery cloaked in randomly directed unspoken methodologies
spacious subterranean silence amid the constant clutter
clatter of everyday life
absence present
deadpan peepshow
rebellious clairvoyance eyeing the forest for the trees
tumultuous evocative whole
minus the bleating parts
without mine or yours
renegade thoughts rushing upward like mad niagaras
ancient cock eyed sun rising backwards in a bipolar west
setting defeated in a catatonic east
counterclockwise return to nowhere
androgynous sundial of blazing paradoxes
one pointed irrational arrows
speeding towards the ailing heart of staggering status quo
echoing dark side bowstring humming
reverberating endlessly

slippery underbelly of humanity’s slithering past
vanishing footprints of legless warriors
trailing scent of a hidden prey
seductive mirage of forgotten accusers
enemies of a recurring leap of faith
first hopeful cries of the last humans
painful memories of myopic sycophants fading
sinking oblivious below waves of soothing amnesia
retreating murmurs of these blind deaf deniers
delirious with modernity’s malaria
feverish to the decaying marrow of disappearing yesterdays
like morbid laughter of hysterical circus clowns
like sudden death or miraculous birth
like barking cats or grinning mules
like hard cold steel piercing pompous pride

beware the leopard skinned techno vampires
wandering lost the back roads of silicon valley
möbius strip teasers all
giddy giggling soul sucker brains
cliche graveyard gender blurred zombies
their awaiting tombstones begging fascist chisels
craving permanent goosestepping identities
roadside idiot savants swearing their pledge of allegiance to nobel prizefighters
warring in revolving octagons of irreversible fate

across the spinning globe
beyond forgotten hinterlands
light years below icy blinking stars
still further
towards an ancient meadow beyond the cyprus trees
twanging irreverent gypsy banjos
mocking bedouin moonlit crimes of fashion
lost senile arthritic cows stumbling on the rocky hillside of sinai

Copyright © 2012 Jovan Vuksanovich


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