Posted by: tsopr | May 11, 2012

Neal Whitman, American Poet

Neal Whitman is a poet who splits his time evenly between Western and Japanese form, with over 80 of each in publication. In 2009 he won the James McIntrye Poetry Contest in Ontario, Canada, and two honorable mentions in the Yuki Teikei Haiku Contest judged by haiku masters in Japan. He and his wife, Elaine, live in Pacific Grove, California, and are both volunteer docents at the Robinson Jeffers Tor House in nearby Carmel.

                                 Featured Poetry

Who Is This?

A disembodied ghost

or a daytime moon?

It is Korean poet Ko Un

who speaks to birds

who listens to rocks

who smells the stream

who lends wings to a wounded deer.

A Second Marriage: The Dinner Party

he pours wine into their glasses
with his left hand
as he is seated to her left
and with his right hand
holds her left hand
under the table

… and some of his haiku:

“End the War”
the poster in the window
of the vacant house

a holy man
welcomes us
in silence

poets ask readers
to have the last word –
dictators fear this

on a moony night

a gentle voice
calls me to supper
evening breeze

in the garden
a kept secret

the sun drops into the bay
blink of an eye

hear the budding tree
and smell the cold stream

Copyright © 2012 Neal Whitman



  1. Oh, I must share this. Particularly this one:

    poets ask readers
    to have the last word –
    dictators fear this

  2. Congratulations to Neal Whitman for being featured on The Sound of Poetry Review website. Very impressive haiku, short, to the point and full of meaning- a joy to read.

    Rhoda Galgiani, Poet
    LI, NY

  3. sonofwalt, You might want to buy a cap on the Whitter College bookstore website — I did. Their mascot is “The Poets” and the cap is inscribed FEAR THE POETS.

    Rhoda, thank you for your words of encouragement. I split my time between Western form (one non-haiku poet-pal calls ’em “regular” poems) and Japanese forms (haiku and tanka). My bio on this posting is an old one — I write to be read (better read than dead) and now there are 200 Western poems and 400 Japanese poems publilshed. I do not “put” these on line, but they pop up on a google of Neal Whitman Poetry and Neal Whitman Haiku.

    • Thank you for the information. Keep up the splendid great work…

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