Posted by: tsopr | February 4, 2012

A Fur Stole

Jan Oskar Hansen





A Fur Stole

The big dog that was run down on the main road,

five month ago and thrown into the grass verge, is

still there only now it looks like a dusty stole flung

out of a passing Rolls Royce… I wonder if its owner,

if it had any, is still looking for it? When my Bambi

died I didn’t cry, not the first day, but on the second

day when the pain of her absence became too much

to bear. She won our battles of will, but one, insisted

she had to have a bath fortnightly. We grew old and

grouchy together. And now she is a sweet memory

Copyright © 2012 Jan Oskar Hansen



  1. Touching story reminding me again how careless people are about animals. Your words touch my heart. I am happy I had the opportunity to read you…

    Rhoda Galgiani, Poet
    LI, NY

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