Posted by: tsopr | January 24, 2012

Haiga by Karen O’Leary

Karen O’Leary is a wife, mother, nurse, and freelance writer from North Dakota. Her poetry has been published in various venues including Sketchbook, Haiku Pix, Poems of the World, Expressions Poetry Journal, The Shine Journal, and Storyteller. APF Publisher released her first book of poetry called Whispers in 2011. She feels blessed to share her words with others.

Featured Haiga by Karen O’Leary


midnight dreams--previously published at Sketchbook

fine lines

first grade...haiku--previously published at childwriter's sketchbook


Copyright © 2012 Karen O’Leary


  1. Dear Sound of Poetry Review Editor,

    Thank you for publishing my poetry on your beautiful website. I appreciate this opportunity to share my words. Wishing you ongoing success with the site.

    Karen O’Leary

    • You’re most welcome, Karen! Gbu, the Editor

  2. I enjoyed Karen O’Leary’s poems and look forward to publishing her again in The Word Place.

    Salvatore Buttaci, author of 200 Shorts

    • Dear Salvatore,

      Thank you for your kind words regarding my poetry. Wishing you the best with all your writing endeavors.


  3. So glad to know the news. My heartfelt congratulations, Karen

    • Dear Dr. Mehta,

      Thank you for the congratulations. I hope things are going well for you. Best wishes.


  4. I’ve published much of Karen’s poetry.
    She is beyond talented!!!
    Her haiga are didactic and capturing.
    arthur charles ford,sr.,poet/editor of “The Pen”.

    • Dear Arthur,

      I appreciate your kind words and ongoing encouragement. Thank you so much. I hope people will check out The Pen at your new website. Best wishes my friend.


  5. Karen is such a talented poet. It is always a joy to read her chosen forms of poetry that are posted with depth and feelings on various websites across the Internet, as well as here on The Sound of Poetry Review. Karen’s work entitled ‘Carry On’ has been featured on ‘Expressions Poetry Journal’. Because I enjoy her work so much I dedicated my own book of ‘Expressions’ from the Inside Out to her. I am proud to share her work with all who come to visit ‘Expressions’ and I am proud to call her friend…

    Sincerly your friend in poetry,
    Rhoda Galgiani
    LI, NY

    • Dear Rhoda,

      Thank you for your kind words and your gift of friendship. I appreciate your talent and the opportunity you have given me to share my words at Expressions Poetry Journal. I hope others support Rhoda by visiting her beautiful site.

      In gratitude,

      • Dear Karen – thank you for your wonderful comment. Again, congratulations on being featured here on The Sound of Poetry Review. Your work has been placed on a great website thus, showing what a great poet you are…

        Best wishes for continued success,

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