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Vernon Frazer, American Poet

Vernon Frazer has published fourteen books of poetry, including the longpoem IMPROVISATIONS, and three books of fiction. His work has appeared in Aught, Big Bridge, Drunken Boat, Exquisite Corpse, First Intensity, Golden Handcuffs Review, Jack Magazine, Lost and Found Times, Moria, Otoliths and many other literary magazines. His most recent books are the longpoems EMBLEMATIC MOON, RANDOM AXIS, and the visual poetry collection, Panels from IMPROVISATIONS (Series B), and the ebook, available on Scribd. His web site is Bellicose Warbling, the blog that updates his web page, can be read at,
Frazer is married and lives in South Florida.

                                Featured Poetry of Vernon Frazer

Rising to the Bottom

beating hatchets on a thorn fire
rescue slogging more distant
than trial accrues prenatal fiasco
brewing dissonant acclamation
voids where prohibited vitreous
humor laughs in the bowels
of sheep with plaster anonymity
a glucose wedding left unmixed
or guested in vestments short
of longing a saddle-cramped mix
bent fluidity and angled crossings
a door to the merriment others endure
vivisection of the half-shell ostinato
baking vacant herds to ratchet horns
groggy the instant they bellowed
floor pageants to grass-lowing skies
a trap-door conveyance clogged
ragged elements turned phosphor
from greed-lit after image glyphs
dented with a message from margin
paring practical endeavors pitted
across the fruited plain flouting
deep insistence through acclamation
shored under reaping slopes
or gamelan antiqua’s first notch
at fonting the plan burning vowels
under secret irritants revealing thirst
wrenches annoying tablet feeds
cripples where titanic bones lift
scratches from a wending surplus
waning its ascot to the nearest drift
to fixate anomaly clusters undaunted
as the next wave of hired apostates

Whetting Darkness

Scalpel tethers tease the ledge
of precipice bargain shores,
a storage implicit in breaking
the carrion cartel. Where previous
measures have recalculated
the pent-up coastal dream,
the pleasing weather bleeds
explosive currency under a
trail of hidden watchbands.
Foraging under what eased
the pledge for noncommittal
boasts elicited the barren repose
dotting the swollen scoreboard.
Hidden pleasures always sneak.
The view hosts engendered from
broken pledges renewed when
torn from their accolades. A guilty
measure violates probation at
philatelic autonomic hearing
platters. Whether it teases
the broken wedge scraping,
wet tortuga downs the periscope
through the hooded veil, or, in
a slowly wooded velcro sequence.
The noontime module fixation
unleashes tarpaulin rebukes to
ashen shoreline testers in jest
for oiling their pneumatic spills.
Keeping abreast of parabolic
assets, cores to essential element
grinders a souffle entrapped
at a kegel refinery. Hooped through
label sausage, composure sails
cresting against the test of sunset.

In the Green Room

The spectral ballast denounces its pallor
in mongoose repellent stairwells, fanning
banners at the haggling escort’s breeze.

No lecture cast the first wave dispersal,
compelling the valley cast to announce
delayed planning accents. Near bridge

constellations, impugning parlor games
under recall for a purpose undeterred
from magnification of quest intonements,

stalled to last. As moribund cattle call
collect on cast rehearsal, wagers braced
against the piles of thought-for victories

no faster than the swelling pear-like and
voracious plight so graciously plying his
nostrils. At scent a cue: bravo to the next

financier emerging from its valor, taste
on loosely embellished channels canned
for heat. On tuna, brace lets meals relay

pell mell victory platters to the aching
miscreants lurking under the fallen arch,
whose message delayed a tactical meet.
From baked concentration held at rail,
depth or seal, vainly flattened to grace,
forewarned glory as fallen fascination

Aching for the Moment

The first incantations
crest their ache at tidewater.

diverting the newly scripted

cast inflections on the border
to redress snicker-toed tablets

brewing the clash.
Talking monkey grinds to curvature polish

on a backslide vacuum
where rotor waves till the breaking
distance, a pace

of instants, tide to packing

A Fit Among the Pieces

A corpulent sneeze
riles the orbital shores

sure as the last pronouncement

Suites of vindication
pass the last cormorant board
a lopsided fixation

as vested. Fixed interest rates

stained novelty
pastures. A lasting grimace

unfolds the story’s prevalent triangulation.

Copyright © 2011 Vernon Frazer



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