Posted by: tsopr | January 30, 2011

Not By the Roll of Dice

Not By the Roll of Dice
     -for Abdz & Maile-

From the citrine garden of eternity,
You chose a path your crimson heart so deeply craved
That in this sacred place of matrimony
To thee, this blessing of mine I openly gave

O, Abdiel, you’re adorned with a lei of lush,
Made just for you, by this sweet lady of Hawaii
Hold her dear; love her dear, from you this I ask,
For she’s from a rosy smile of heavenly sky

Know always that you are a servant of God,
So crouch not in silence on the bed of sorrow,
Nor sip the wine of angst that will make us sad,
For I, your core, waited so long to see you grow

From a velvet seed into a blooming groom
That made me, very proud, to stand before you all
Live with Maile; forever, be her gentle moon,
Sod with the silvery glows of a righteous soul

O, Maile, you’re a gem, a chain of harmony,
And of compassion, with such a enthralling spell
You made me happy when your lips, so fiery,
Stooped upon the shy lips of my dearest Abdiel

Hold him dear; love him dear, to you- only this
I plead, for he is my beloved, scent of my life
Ah, he has my scented breath, and I have his
Live with Abdiel; forever, be his blissful wife

Today, your hearts are joined together as one
In the Church, redeemed by the finest blood that will
Protect you, day and night, from parsons of grand
Lies, like white fogs tiptoeing in the dawning chill

If these ups and downs of life are rippling you,
Wear not the woven sandals for aeonian cold,
Nor intentionally lace your faith, so true,
With ever shining shackles of the purest gold

Instead, seek solace in the house of the Lord
Consider the wonder of prayer that I taught
Against the wicked, His is your mighty sword
He’s surely the sole answer for us to endure

In marriage, success’ not by the roll of dice,
Nor by the number of cute kids you make or hold,
But by how steadfast your faith, to keep your ties
From being ridged to death, by psychedelic world

Ev’ry deed that you make, whether a plain mess
Or done in good faith, will rebound to your father,
Flesh of thy flesh, blood of thy blood, whose kisses
Had carved you on the image of the vine dresser

Be a role model wherever you maybe,
Not just be a naught sheep of the most divine flock;
Nor be a chump bathing in a frenzied sea,
But be the icon of life built upon the rock

Lo, the morning yellow orb shall rise and sing,
To wave over you God’s graces, abundantly
If unto thy thoughts and soul, delights they bring,
Then be content; serve and obey Him, cheerfully

To you, Abdiel and Maile, a son, a daughter
Wish you live your myth, full of love and lullabies
Of the first swallows of spring, rocking my chair
‘Til they nest in my arms, warming my April eyes

And may God, the Holy, grant them and their sons
The seal to walk in mine and Brother Ador’s strides
In the sand dunes of the peaceful Promised Land,
Tending the sheeps and remain His faithful shepherds

Copyright © 2011 Ernilando L. Tugaff


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