Posted by: tsopr | January 30, 2011

Fire inside my veins…

Fire inside my veins…

It’s dark outside
Stars light my walk
The breeze against my cheek
My breath faster with the knowing
It is you that drives fire through my veins

My walk rapid as the rain drops hit my curls of ebony
Its melody inside the rain sings to my soul
A want as I reach your waiting embrace
A kiss awaits your warmth of lips
My temptress curves pounding

Man of words I run to your arms
I see you in my sight standing near
I loose control of my stance
As the embrace you wrap me within
Takes my body to the skies

All of you have been inside of my mind
My dream of how and when
A look that only true lovers understand
As I drop to the ground
A moment of purest rain takes our flesh

Your fingertips undress my inner skin
My bosom held in your hand as we lay upon the earth’s land
A gasp of desire a pull so strong for it is that we have longed
Silence made as bodies twist and turn
You are the soul that I crave….

Copyright © 2011 Sarah Hales


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