Posted by: tsopr | December 14, 2010

Mostafa Badaoui, Moroccan Poet

Mostafa Badaoui was born in Morocco on 27/02/1966. He had his graduate in-depth studies in modern criticism. He is a teacher of Arabic literature since 1992. He has received many poetry prizes, such as the prize of young poets/1996 given by the Moroccan Union’s Writers, the Arab Emirates Al Sada’s Prize 2002, Radio Tangier 2006. He is a translator French/Arabic in great Arab newspapers and reviews. He participated at many Arabic festivals, the last one in Syria/2008. He is a member of Moroccan Union’s Writers since 1996. His poetry book is called “Transfusions” a common poetry book with the Canadian poet Martine Jacquot (Arabic/French). In few days, he will publish “Hallucinations on the Threshold of the Soul”; a book about exile and literature in Lebanon, and it was given meritorious reviews by many Arab searchers.

                                         Featured Poem of Mostafa Badaoui


In the unknown lands people with my sorrow
Tear after tear I dedicate my mourning and my prayer to her memory
Every time the bird of my desires fly away towards Aïcha’s perfume
who undid the buttons of my grief
with the locks of a rhyme
whose throat has become dry
Shower of rain shining with light
when he woke up crying
in the sky of motherhood
which allows the pouring of an ultimate wedding
in the eyes of women
who sing her most beautiful verse
to baptize her on the throne of beauty
in a Thursday dark with disaster
Waves drowning my words
I will write a page
with my orphan tears
On a Thursday of regret and melancholy
the echo stands still
in the symphony of narrow streets
I name you my mother
in front of loss and bereavement
not like the ones I celebrated
in poetry festivals
Your absence is bitter, Aïcha
Separation is painful
Twilights dwindle away
in the footsteps of moans
Your absence as an absolute wandering
My wandering as a sign of a glory
that I do not deserve
O death who steals the flower and the life in it
how do you call the light
you took to carry it to the sky
How did you evaporate the dew drops
in the veins of my beautiful Aïcha

Copyright © 2010 Mostafa Badaoui


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