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Santosh Kalwar, Nepali Poet

Santosh Kalwar works as a poet, writer and young researcher. He is author of thirteen books. His latest book entitled, “The Vandana and Other Poems” is forthcoming from, India. His poems and articles have appeared or are forthcoming in The Himalayan Times, The Kathmandu Post, My Republica, Global South Development Magazine, Book In Sync, Munyori Literary Journal, Asphodel Madness, New Polish Beat, Carcinogenic Poetry, Mahmag, unFold, blue skies poetry, Rusty Truck, Chiron Review and Hanging Moss Journal. His chapbook entitled, “Warrior of light” is forthcoming from New Polish Beat Press on 25th Septemeber, 2010. He was invited by famous Brazilian Novelist and author Paulo Coelho for St. Joseph Party in Melk for his active participation in Coelho’s official blog. He is also officially listed in the Directory of Poet and Writers as a “Poet”. You may learn more about Santosh at:

                                        Featured Poetry of Santosh Kalwar


Everything is so small
in a poet’s eyes.
Everybody is running
for something which
is not right.
Never run too much
as you may fall
upon darkness
and in the darkness
there is no light.
Let your heart
float in the lake
which always shines.
I may be born alone
and I will leave this body
someday but there is no
worry since my words
will finds its way.

Avoid Problems

There are problems
and we solve problems
But who created it?
Everybody is talking
About personal problems,
Social problems, cultural
Problems, this problems
and that problem
but why can’t we digest
the fact that life is
nothing without problem.
Our contribution is not only
to solve problem but also
to avoid problems.

Red Rose

O my love like a red rose,
That is sprung in Moon.
O my love like the melodies,
That is sweetly played in Noon!

As fair is my art, my boneless heart,
So deep is my love for you.
And I will love you my dear,
Till there are oceans deep blue.

Till there is sun and moon, my dear,
And ice melts through.
My love is for you, my dear.
While the sound of life runs through,

Like a red rose, waiting to bloom,
And as an angelic butterfly sing,
My love, I will sing for you.
And I will come time and again,
Just to love you.

Give me strength

This is my prayer to my lord,
Whispering at the root of my heart:

Give me the strength lord to bear my joy and sorrows.
Give me the strength to make you my beloved till morrow.
Give me the strength to bestow my soul.
Give me the strength to raise my mind high above.
Give me the strength to surrender my strength to you.
Give me the strength to bear fruitful service “when” and “where”.
Give me the strength my lord to wake up and teach truth.
And Give me the strength of words pouring like rain to touch you.
Give me the strength to help those willing souls.
And Give me the strength to love, love in eternity; my lord.


Pluck flower and take it,
Smell, fear not but later throw or destroy it!
Drop into painful road, in each and every cast,
I may not find in my garden,
For it to grow,
I beg you to honour it
Please kindly feel the similar human pain,
The flower also has life, and name
As it is used to celebrate
Wedding, ceremonies, anniversary, birthday and death
Now, though its colour may not be so deep,
Use it as it might be used to be,
One very human service, of various names,
The painful flower, loses all its name
Pluck the flower but not in my garden again.

Copyright © 2010 Santosh Kalwar


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