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Celine Rose Mariotti, American Poet

Celine Rose Mariotti was born in Derby, CT, and a lifelong resident of Shelton, CT. She’s a graduate of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT majoring in Business Administration with a minor in English. Since a child, she always loved to write and when she was a senior in High School she began sending her work to publishers. Her first poem appeared in Night Roses in 1991, and her second poem appeared in Green’s Magazine of Canada in 1991. Since then her work has appeared in many literary magazines around the USA and even in India, Australia, and Scotland. Early Bird Publications of India published a primary textbook of her essays on the Presidents. She also writes a monthly column for PCM Magazine of India. Rock Village Publishing of Massachusetts published her first children’s book, “Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?” in August of 2004. Magbooks of Hong Kong published her story “Leapy the Frog” as an e-book in April of 2006. She has self-published her poetry book, “Through Celine’s Eyes.” She’s now going to self-publish a book she wrote about corporate America. A long time fan of Tom Jones, on more than occasion, he read one of her poems out loud to an audience once in Atlantic City and another time in Las Vegas. She also plays the guitar and the banjo. She resides with her family in Shelton, CT. Her book link:

                                 Featured Poetry of Celine Rose Mariotti

On a Scale of One To Ten

Is life just about polls?
What is your opinion versus mine?
Get on the phone and get online,
Give me your opinion and rate it please,
On a scale of one to ten,
Who is the best, number one, two or three?

                                                Is life just about ratings?
How you measure up opposed to someone else?
Are you just average or are you way above par?
Give me your opinion, your honest view,
How do you see me?
On a scale of one to ten,
Am I a one a five or am I a ten?

Is life just about scores?
Who is the best player?
Who is the best skater?
Who is the best competitor?
How do you know who really is the winner?
Does that score on the board tell it all?
On a scale of one to ten,
Which team is the best and which is the worst?
Which gets a one and which gets a ten?

Is life just about grades?
What does the teacher or professor think of you?
Does he think you’re the smartest in the class?
Does he hold something against you?
Is the teacher jealous of his student?
So when you get that grade,
Is it really what you earned?
Or just the teacher’s opinion,
On a scale of one to ten,
Are you at the bottom or at the top?
Are you a one or a ten?

Is life just about polls?
What is your opinion versus mine?
Get on the phone and get online,
Give me your opinion and rate it please,
On a scale of one to ten,
Who is the best, number one, two or three?

Only In America

the first settlers who came to our land,
wanted freedom of speech, and worship,
something they could understand,
the Indians greeted them,
and though these settlers seemed strange,
the Indians were willing to exchange,
soon the bells of freedom began to ring,
“Down , down, down with the King!”
Thomas Jefferson it was who penned,
the Declaration of Independence,
“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”
our Constitution was widely debated,
and when it was finally ratified,
we were already united,
our destiny was clear,
freedom rang through the years,
then one day in 1861,
a shot rang out at Fort Sumter,
The Civil War had begun,
brother against brother,
North against South,
and then the Union won,
wars have scarred our nation but not like this one,
Teddy Roosevelt carried a big stick,
his Progressive Party-he was their pick,
and then in 1933,
                                 we were led by another Roosevelt,
this one was FDR,
the greatest President by far,
he brought us out of a depression,
his words have left a lasting impression,
he led us throughout
the war, till 1945, he finally succumbed,
and our nation was totally numb,
then one day in 1960, a young man named JFK,
became our President,
he gave us inspiration and made us dream,
and then one day he was assassinated,
and his work was left undone,
we had a President named Ronald Reagan,
a Hollywood star,
his charisma and effervescent smile,
made us believe in him,
he made us all patriotic again,
and now we keep waiting for things to get better,
but Congress is still undecided,
the President and Congress keep colliding,
hopefully soon we’ll get back on track,
and bring our nation back,
for though we have our crises,
only in America can we exercise,
our opinions and beliefs,
and because of that
we are truly unique.

If Only You Were Real

I love the little bear
Who sits so unaware,
I wonder if my bear,
Knows just how much I care,

I wish my little bear,
Could rise up from his chair,
But he is just a little stuffed bear,
So he can’t rise up from the chair,

How I wish he were real,
Like Pinocchio, he could come to life,
He could talk and he could feel,
He could sing and dance,
And play a game of chance,

But the little bear is not real,
So he can’t think or feel,
But he is so full of love,
And now I must turn out the light,
And my bear will sit in the dark of night,
So unaware,
But I think he knows I love him,
My little stuffed bear.

Copyright © 2010 Celine Rose Mariotti


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