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Despina Kontaxi, Greek Poet

Despina Kontaxi was born on the 22 of July 1978 in Kavala, Greece. She was raised in Johannesburg, South Africa where she studied in SAHETI, the biggest Hellenic school of South Africa. She returned to Greece in 1995 and in 1997 she studied Physiotherapy in Thessaloniki, Greece. In 2001 she began training in Holistic Therapies. In 2003 she opened her praxis in Eleftheroupoli Kavala, where she works until today.  In 2007 her first poetic collection “You I think of while I wait” was published. In 2009, she received the following awards: Honorary Commendations in the A’ Pan-Hellenic Poetic Competition of Thassos and in the Pan-Hellenic Poetry Competition of the Municipality of Hortiati, an award of Honorary discrimination in the 5th Poetry Festival of Thessaloniki, the 2nd award in the 9th International Poetic Competition of Germany for her Poem “Cyprus- the tortured island of Afrodite”, the “Award- Metal of benefactor” of the Nomarchy of Kavala for her offer in the projection of the Nomarchy, and The Municipality of Eleftheroupolis Kavala awarded her as a Physiotherapist and Poet for her offer to poetry and Eleftheroupoli. 

Her poems were published in the following anthologies: Anthology of the 5th Festival of poetry 2009, Anthology of Poetry and Painting 2009, Anthology of the Municipality of Hortiati with the title “Stone” 2010 and have been translated in English and in Italian. Videos of her poems are played in more than 40 internet channels around the world.

                              Featured Poetry of Despina Kontaxi

The Smiles Escapees

The smiles escapees
from the prison of inexistence
are looking for the wet from tears happiness.
Hope lost in a desert
that lacks emotions and specification.

Ruins of life hit the ground
with a deafening sound.
Clouds of dust and despair
suspend in the air. They circumambulate.
A speck of dust on the cheek
of poetry sticks.
She removes it with her palm
and this ugliness turns into joy.

She invites peace beside her
giving her a hopeful quill.
The faces ink by now
as she wishes she draws.
The heart is rejoiced.
The nations united.
Peace poeticizes,
emptying the pots
of catastrophe, of hatred, of war.

Poetry gives a libation to her works
and she in return torchlight procession of values organises,
so that the torches will light up
the secure route of togetherness.

There Where

There where the sky and the ground
seem to unite,
there where wish and prayer
seem to fade.
Fairies come
from fire and air.
The concerns expire
with water, ground and ether.

There where horses gallop
along with wishes,
grins are dripping
with sweet expectations.

As they reach the ground
they become charms,
stars will capture
magical wishes.
The fixation they cross
with happiness and light,
the earth they touch upon
a new seed.

There where horses gallop
along with wishes,
love becomes
something transparent (diaphanous) .

Let Us Be

Let us dedicate
a chant under the sky.
Let us not betray
a song that makes us high.
Let the day begin
at once and shining.
Let the light within
from now vibrating.

Let the joy become
the end of misery.
Let happiness be
a cloud of mystery.
Let the touch transform
the cold at ones heart.
Let the words reform
the peak of no depart.

Dedication is
under the sky.
To be betrayed is
to tell a lie.
The day just begins
with shining.
The light goes in,
we’re smiling.

The joy appears today,
new salvation.
Mystery now is
a daily path.
Merkabas reappear,
the heart transforms.
Secret chants are said,
Karma circles.

Sentimental Parade

A speck of light,
a ray of sun
get to me tonight,
something has begun.

A piece of heart
for you to decorate.
A brand new start
for bad to deteriorate.

This is curiosity
at a new velocity
that seems to fade
sentimental parade.

As a letter
to the word
only the better
to be heard.

A speck of light,
a ray of joy,
let this be the night
that humans enjoy.

Be The One

Like the life you live
among the angels.
Live the life you like
among the humans.

Be the one to dance
with a secret melody.
Be the one to offer
an endless path of love.

Be the one
along the few
to have a gift
that’s something new.

Have a little intuition
to paint the stars.
Have a little prediction,
get on top of mars.

Be planetary
along the galaxy,
not momentary
at the path of time.

Copyright © 2010 Despina Kontaxi


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