Posted by: tsopr | July 9, 2010

Ljupce Zahariev, Macedonian Poet

Ljupce Zahariev is the founder of rap music band High Tension – Macedonia, and the Embassy Secretary of Poetas del Mundo in Macedonia. To learn more of this poet, click his image.




                                  Featured Poetry of Ljupce Zahariev

Prayers of passion

You’ll root the horn
in the heart of uncertainty
to hear the future
behind the field of impossibility,
then you’ll rise in the Universe
with prayers of passion
you’ll undress my soul, between two fires
starting your love play.
Three nights in a row
buried with emotions
we hug each other
and will not let go.
The future is far away
we’ll recognize each other
in a mirror of life
and will peck each other
with love
between one sky and another.

Angel’s Gown

Wrapped in an angel’s gown
you spoke to me
about the invisible world,
about hidden beauty
about your love
that can not be uttered
with endless of language.
Lying in my heart
you gaze at me
and put
one by one
the stars in my eye’s
while your eyes
into your beautiful smile, letting the forgotten tears away.

The Tale of Love

I whispered the tale of love
in my sweetheart’s ears.
I want you
O sweetheart of mine!
The need turns into an ecstasy,
I want you
O sweetheart of mine!
Warm ripples, bitter-sweet smells,
I want you
O sweetheart of mine!
Floating, descending, floating,
I want you
O sweetheart of mine!
I want you,
O life-giving bosom,
I want you
O sweetheart of mine!
Lines below the heart
they create a sign
a new image
like rays the same
a sleep of awake

Copyright © 2010 Ljupce Zahariev



  1. Thanks for posting these poems…they were interesting to read since I haven’t read his poetry before…thanks for the introduction to his compositions.

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