Posted by: tsopr | June 26, 2010

Day Grows Like Flower

Day Grows Like Flower

Day grows like flower,
yet it sways like tare;

it taunts me-
a clueless identity
in yesterday. Ah, too many
yesterdays, all became

of me. I traveled
them, differently.

‘Though my spirits are
like dodos, still they
aim not the path, where a bough of spring
never shines as I plead.

Yes, tomorrow is yet
to bloom, for us to fulfil…
perhaps, a dream.

And, if it could come true, then mine is
not to dream a dream, which is not mine!

Copyright © 2010 Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago



  1. Another interesting poem…I found the last line quite different in tone from the poem.

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