Posted by: tsopr | May 24, 2010

Celine Rose Mariotti, American Poet

Celine Rose Mariotti was born in Derby, CT, and a lifelong resident of Shelton, CT. She’s a graduate of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT majoring in Business Administration with a minor in English. Since a child, she always loved to write and when she was a senior in High School she began sending her work to publishers. Her first poem appeared in Night Roses in 1991, and her second poem appeared in Green’s Magazine of Canada in 1991. Since then her work has appeared in many literary magazines around the USA and even in India, Australia, and Scotland. Early Bird Publications of India published a primary textbook of her essays on the Presidents. She also writes a monthly column for PCM Magazine of India. Rock Village Publishing of Massachusetts published her first children’s book, “Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?” in August of 2004. Magbooks of Hong Kong published her story “Leapy the Frog” as an e-book in April of 2006. She has self-published her poetry book, “Through Celine’s Eyes.” She’s now going to self-publish a book she wrote about corporate America. A long time fan of Tom Jones, on more than occasion, he read one of her poems out loud to an audience once in Atlantic City and another time in Las Vegas. She also plays the guitar and the banjo. She resides with her family in Shelton, CT.  Her book link:

                                    Featured Poetry of Celine Rose Mariotti

Just in My Reach

Stars are high in the night sky
Keeps me hoping,
Keeps my hopes high,

Something wondrous is in the air,
Something that makes me aware,
Something always for which I care,

Is there something good just in my reach,
Is there something starlike,
A wish to make,
A candle to light,
A prayer to be answered,
A dream coming true,
All just in my reach.

A New Tomorrow

All our hopes,
All our dreams,
Are in a new tomorrow,
We ask God to take away our sorrow,
All our hopes for better things to come,
Are in that distant beating of the drum,
We hear the voices of the past,
We know that soon we will surpass,
Our time on earth is only temporary,
We needn’t be so contrary,
We need a light in the sky,
We need to know the reasons why,
We have our faith in God above,
We have our family,
Whom we love,
All our hopes are invested in a brand new day,
All our dreams will light the way,
All we give is for a new tomorrow
We only have time to borrow.

Turn Off the Bad News

Don’t want to hear CNN,
Just more bad news,
The world about to end,

Don’t want to hear Fox News,
So much babbling,
All of it gives me the blues,

Don’t want to hear MSNBC,
One more depressing report,
Enough to drive you up a tree,

Just turn off the bad news,
Turn on some good old fashioned
Programming like “Bewitched”
So I can laugh,
“Little House on the Prairie”
So I can be inspired,
“Murder She Wrote,
So I can solve a mystery,

Just turn off the bad news,
Don’t want to hear it anymore,
Just want to think happy thoughts,
Good news is what we need more of,
Good news, good thoughts,
Good people, good times.

Copyright © 2010 Celine Rose Mariotti


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