Posted by: tsopr | May 10, 2010

Lorelie, Sing Me A Song

Lorelie, Sing Me A Song

Let your body and soul sing for me,
Oh, beautiful Mang-aawit of mine!
Remember, my hymns of thanks and praises-
Ever so worthy, to listen, if sung with harmony;
Lead, oh lead, the people to my Kingdom!
It’s a favour I ask from you, can you do it?
Ever not doubt my love, for you, so true!

Shame not the name I had given you;
Inspired the whole world through your voice;
Never use your talent to blaspheme me;
Good tidings await you, if my will is done!

Move, oh move, your life for the sake of your soul;
Eternity is within reach, if you forsake not my call!

Ah, Lorelie, Lorelie, sweet li’l child of mine!

Sing, oh sing, for me this song # 267- a song, I
Oft crave hear you sing in my sacred temple.
Never will I abandon you in times of your trials;
God is what I am, and to you this I pronounce!

Copyright © 2010 Ernilando L. Tugaff



  1. Very interesting poem and imagery…ending was a bit of a surprise…thanks for the post.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ernesto P. Santiago. Ernesto P. Santiago said: latest poetry on tsopr , featuring a poem by E. L. Tugaff. […]

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