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Sunil Prakash Narayan, Indian-American Poet

Sunil Prakash Narayan’s poetry has been a long journey of self-exploration and an attempt to understand how the world is and what his family means to him. None of the poems he submits are replicas of old ones from his childhood. To go back to things such as puppy love and the sensitive perception of his surroundings would not be as satisfying as explaining his thoughts as bare as possible. He shows what he thinks; therefore his poetry speaks to people.

Featured Poetry of Sunil Prakash Narayan

Sacrifice of the Heart

A capsule of love is sitting in my heart
It grows like the thick hairs on your mountainous chest
I sit in a meditative state, chanting your name till Śrī Sūrya arises
Calmness and warmth, the two things he taught me

Saraṇyū runs away from him every night, frightened and secretive
Sunlight rushes into the world as the Aśvinau storm through the ocean in their chariots
I close my eyes to prevent any pain from occurring
But open to see nothing while your breath trickles down my neck

Your scent of trees with pine needles containing clear sap
The birds singing a song of romantic mating
No! Don’t feed me your sap, my lord!
Rub it onto my lips as if they were your sweat

We slither into the corridor under a grassy hill
All the way into another world of playful fairies
Little moss-covered wooden homes surround a clear clairvoyant lake
Lamps adorn the water, unmoving but showing me the whole earth

I do not know what you want me to do tonight
But I caught myself obeying your every command, a hornet in your catacomb
Ensnare my seducing eyes to make me see just your body which
crushes me into glass pieces
Your voice screams like a wolf when mating

When you are done I am gone: an existence leaving behind encapsulated love
Your soul is not in your body so devour it!
I am the reason for you to continue living in a demon-filled world
Śrī Sūrya gave me love to give to you!

Your tears become little drops of pearls for which the fairies hurriedly gather
The door for this world is sealed shut as you dwell in a cage of timeless ecstasy


Pulled into my husbands’ court by my uncombed hair
Thrown onto the floor where hundreds of feet touch their thick, red silk
The flowing carpet rises and falls like the mist of my garden
I know you are immovable in your rage Shákuni

Your ego knows no limits; it is like a snake stalking a mouse
Quietly without remorse in its meager heart

All eyes watch me cry in anguish as you pull my sari
To end of this room it flows like the Gaṅgā
Shining with its thin, gold-laden fabric
And crippled by your greedy fingers

Dignified beauty you tossed with your dice
Human emotions you sacrificed with your heart
Bring your eyes to mine to see one word: regret
Ha! You are the nectar’s enemy: regret!

If you took me then Kṛṣṇa will smite you right now!
His chakra a knife for your spineless body

All my fears that followed me at night with my friends
Nibbling on their black pearls while I watched roses rise
They are you…a shadow that rapes the moon
I cannot give you my body for it belongs to Keśava!

My life will one day be returned to his home
To live as a cowherd while churning milk for his hungry lips
The boyish smile and curly hair that barely touches his shoulders
His eyes so wide yet shaped like the waning moon

Little specks in the corner of both eyes are galaxies unknown to us
So far away other people exist for whom Kṛṣṇa is their king

If I am his then he is my king too
Shákuni, you are the drunken ego, a corrupted seed for humanity!
My body is a vase holding the virtues of Sūrya
He touched my spirit to give me a bite of his own

Disrobing me in front of my husbands and all the āryas of their kingdom
is a sacrilege!
I cry to you to stop this great injustice!
Can’t you see I have sunken into a sea of distress!?
No, you are busy drowning my voice with your wicked laughter
Brahmā gave you a boon that protects your life from any physical or divine harm
Yet, has he no shame when seeing this monstrous deed?

Ma! You are the great demon slayer, come to my rescue!
Show your terrifying face to this savage
Make him cower under your crippling stare, ma!
Turn his limbs into brittle sticks so he will stop treating my honor like a toy

I Will Stay With You

A window cold and made of ice
Blue as if the ocean froze for me
Air so thin and reluctant to let me take it in
Down into my lungs which have lost all their moisture

I can see world of smoking fish, eyes so black
Little black pearls of the Polynesian Islands pushed into their sockets
You are no where to be found mother!
I wait in this little home made of unbreakable ice cubes

Sounds of the ocean’s breathing and heartbeat
The table being hit by my iron fingers
Ouch! Hear the vibration pass between my fingers
Gone is the blue flesh you created me from…

Everyone fell asleep to leave me to watch
A world no more in existence yet lingers on
Passing each planet now evolved into tiny stars
I call them your diamonds, mother

Mother cut stones out of the black silk worn by father
I waited for life to rush into my body
A soul without no form, just pure imperceptible light
I couldn’t watch myself endure the pain she caused me

If a new body of existence is created, let her be a woman!
To contain all animals and plants within the womb
A garden nourished by the spring flowing from her breasts
She gives two rivers for anything that breathes

My mother I once knew with a fear of her gentle yet tough exterior
Now, she is dead, waiting inside God’s heart for me to call her
I gave myself to the man with penetrable skin and eye sockets without light
An act of love to bring myself to mom, only to find myself stuck in limbo

Lost In Your World

I see you lurking in bushes glaring at me from afar
The lion has marked his territory tonight
Crickets rub their hands together while soaking in your sweat
You pant fast and hard like a wolf hungry for a fox

I know you are somewhere under the moon
With those eyes so full and blotted by your penis’s aroma
Ohhhhh! I shudder for the scent simply tickles my tongue
It’s like sour candy teasing me while I peer into a candy store

Yes, even at that moment you stay in the shadows to watch me
Ever man, child, woman….every one walks by minding their own business
Their faces smooth and tight from the botox
It’s French with a bit of a rare slug…that’s their recipe

Your stubbly face and cigarette hanging from the mouth
You dart your unsteady eyes from the left to the right then let the shadow absorb you
I know you are there my warrior
Watching with a stare so rough it makes your skin soften

If one day you choose to leave the shadows to mark me as your territory
I will be standing under the moon with eyes filled with pink water
Pulsating but stealthy you crouch in the alley
Broken bottles and the homeless man don’t bother you

You are the lion so starved for affection
No one cares but me, is that so?
Come to me my husband and give me your past
Shed your tears like Saraṇyū did when possessed by Sūrya

Dawn is dismal as Sūrya goes back to his secret slave-whore
She is in agony and tears her yellow sari into pieces
Sūrya doesn’t mind for it gives his sexual prowess encouragement
Are you Sūrya before Uṣas is joyous again?

You whisper to my ears one morning after squeezing my thighs
Pushing them together for I am a woman
Your arms enclose my being and warm it with a tongue bath
Your bravery filling my belly

Giving me your ivory horn till Rūpiņī showers us with rose petals
It is not a shame to be so open with our sexuality my lord!
We are in perfect union…my devá…marking me with tears in the pink flesh
Tilling me till your burning seed sinks into the soil to create a bed of love

Yearning of the Night

I am the Mistress of the everlasting Night!
You, Sūrya, shall bow down to my black feet!
If your eyes wander to side of this grassy pathway…
If your lips kiss anything other than my smoke-covered skin…

Know my heart will not tolerate such laziness!
A noose to pull your light into the copper jar
It makes me wonder if those poor souls are worthy of your touch
You whore! To follow someone other than my great beauty is a sin!

Is my body not slim enough for your liking?
Adorned with the finest gemstones of our Father’s heavenly paradise
Picked by fortunate servants who worship my voice and reason
They pray for a kiss from my lips yet you pray for release from the clutches of my shadow

If the sunlight is burned like the skin of a baby’s flesh from being touched by a candle
It is no reason to whine like a child
Whimpers and little tears are reserved for the rain
But your sunlight…such a glorious entity you are!

I followed you after the birth of this universe
Our Mother created us for her amusement
An inner joy filled her mind to cause a smile
From that came her immortal children, beings of raw light

We were too hot to touch, so you became the sun and I became the empty hole in your nightmares
My enemy from birth, the one who tried to squash me like a cockroach!
I pulled you by the arms into my embrace
The wind felt it and whispered to us to merge into one creature

Sūrya, you sit down, waiting for me to show you what true godhood is
The immeasurable weight of my lust holds you to the purple sea of stars
I don’t moan but listen to your own…the sound is the bells of our mother’s temple
It is sweet yet meager if compared to my hunger when dawn joins me

Do not feel inferior my love, even the thunder of the sky is small to my ears
Can you see why I must subjugate your tangible body?
Fire cannot be touched unless someone wants to become a monster
But I can feel it in my hands and yearn for your enticing kisses

You run away if I look at you for a second
Maybe I engulfed your enormous body too fast
The next universe already has a sun, don’t make matters worse!
If you leave then my heart break into pieces and fall to Bhūmī-Devī’s mountains

Mother Lakshmi, Take Me Into Your Arms!

A graceful white bird came to me from the sky
Sat down in the shallow water of our meadow
Sri Prithivi sighs as she shivers, then coughs
The heron eats tiny fish to satisfy its hunger

Brahman, you see me all the time!
What are you telling me?
The white bird doesn’t talk to any other creature
It simply stalks the air flowing to the end of the stream

I know every morning when the world is under the midnight ’s spell
I see Sri Lakshmi’s gift to me, unstained by the rain
Her heart so touched by my endurance if a prolonged gloomy existence
I choked till her eyes released the heart’s sorrow into mine

Higher and higher the stars of her sari sparkle
So, I saw love so immense and indiscriminating I lost my conscience for a second
It ate me whole till disposing all my past thoughts into the hallowed cave
It dons nothing but the color of Sri Lakshmi’s fabric

The heron won’t leave because it wants to stay till the sticky residue of my
old life is gone
No, it did not come from the sky!

Into Her Arms

And she comes into my presence providing me with hope
A little light too delicate to break
I hold within my cut hand and shield from the blood
I am drying without knowing why I slumped last night

My lungs collapsed along with my bones
A beautiful pink colored glass vase that broke
Red flowers trickled along the path of muddy water
All the way down the staircase

My red carpet covered in moist moss
My house filled with overgrown ivy leaves
In a moment of pure helplessness I choke one last time
But she came, my dear Lakshmi!

To pull me into her arms…a devi beyond anyone’s understanding
Oh yes, only I can understand her
When I see her eyes there is too much love in it
It breaks me down like Salabeg professing his need for Lord Jagannath

If the weight of her love for me brings my own down then let it!
She only comes to those who sold their egos for her eternal embrace

Fallen Into Nothingness


Vijaya came to me in a dream asking for forgiveness
I ran as quick as I could, the artic wind filling my lungs
Tiny pricks of needles only to make me cough and stop every several minutes
He followed me to the end of the road, grabbing my shoulders too hard!

I fell into his arms and sobbed softly
Sounds of trees and birds are mute
Vijaya asked me the question again
In the language of the devás, I told him “No, only Bráhman can answer it!”
His pain makes him turn the world into a garden
Flowers are poking out of fields of tall grass
Roses, lotuses, lilacs and plums
I am given this gift to change my heart’s anger

No, no! I can’t do this!
I ran again, though this time fell into a hole
He followed me there and held my body down
The awesome strength of a wrestler or even a god

Vijaya asked me again if I could forgive him
Gasping for air I reached for those dry lips of his and sucked his breath
The sweet strawberry sitting at the back of his throat slid down mine
I breathed his joy for the first time in years

My arms resisting his as he took off my garments
Thighs wide and white like the Himālayas clasped my chest tightly
I shouted so loud for they rub against my thin ribs
I am in a defeated state for which he accepts

An hour later, watching him sleep with his head on my breast
I cannot say no for this man is impossible to escape
Vijaya stalks me like a tiger hungry for human flesh
I look back, seeing complete concentration in his eyes
Almost as if the brutal savage will hunt me again for sport

With each conquest he responds in the words sweet as rose pollen:
“You’ll always be mine. No one else knows where we are, so accept this new life of ours.
I offer my protection and heart to you, please don’t refuse it”
At times I see angels at night hovering beneath lit clouds
They’re watching a pulsating ocean of our heart’s love
Hṛṣīkeśa-Devá’s guardian touches my back to let me know Vijaya’s love is more precious than my destiny


Śyena-Devá opens his wings to form a dome for us
He takes caution to not look
He buries his yellow beak in his chest not noticing white feathers fall onto our backs
They melt like snowflakes
Hṛṣīkeśa sent heaven’s angels to bless us with a promise

I waited so long for you to come to me my mighty sire
Each day passed with voices coming in all directions
None faced me courageously like you did upon catching my lustful stare
I became blind to avoid seeing my exacerbated pain
You are the vessel of anything rough so a woman’s pain is a pinch to you

It was too many days of tears locked in my heart by the bitter voices
No one knew who I was or cared for that matter
A long time ago I saw the demon’s world so my atman fled to safety
The color of the sky was the taint of the executioner’s blade
Your face formed out of the clouds to witness the deliverance of justice

My bare neck stitched with plastic thread several times but now hangs unattached
The cuts cannot heal for encrustation is my pox
I feel as if the cobra’s venom snuck into my arms to destroy my life
The torturer weighs my pain against morals but to him one is heavier than the other
You place your hand on my shoulder and rub till the sore is gone

If you saw me now there are no regretful scars
My distorted image slid off when I looked in your direction
Life flooded my limp body once again
My eyes opened to see only you standing obliviously to your surroundings
A rākṣasaḥ took my body in a previous life to feed his selfish lust

No strength in my body could shove him to the floor
His teeth sharper than my brother’s sword poked many holes in my arm
The blue blood trickled to my wrists
His hands gripped my neck tightly till my lungs gave out
My life saved his own but at what cost?

Keśava, my brother, young and ignorant of the world’s dangers
Constantly played with his toys to cope with the rākṣasaḥ raids of our lands
He sensed my demise yet kept his tears locked in the heart
The rust of the lock grew dark brown after seven years
His hair turned completely grey like the fire smoke

Every night my hopeless brother prayed for me to return with his mangoes
Yes, he wanted me to pick mangoes from our special mango tree in the forest!
It was there I stumbled upon a long, black-haired rākṣasaḥ with two small eyes
His jaw hung so low you could not tell whether speech or the ability to scream was taken away
I found my way to you amongst a world oozing with malice
Vicious cuts worn by Bhūmī-Devī as a nasty gift
She grabbed my ankle pleading for me to borrow her tormenting state
I could not resist easing my mother’s pain


A deep blue color resembles the artic ice; they’re shelters for Vāsudevāya’s morals
You shared your gift with me without asking for anything in return
I prostrate to you as a grateful wife!
A saint sent by Nārāyaṇa to deflect the harsh spirit of this world

My ātman etched in the heart’s canvas a symbol of your generosity
It wasn’t tangible till you left an imprint on my chest
The sign of Vāsudevāya’s boon is the power to absorb the world’s love
Why do you make me feel as if Bhūmī-Devī needs to donate her children’s love to me?

A soldier flung into the battlefield to fight Bráhman’s enemies
Slaying rākṣasaḥ after rākṣasaḥ with Asurakshayamkari-Devī at the other end
I saw this relentless, snarling monster pull limbs apart

It threw them to Asurakshayamkari-Devī’s lion as a snack
He scratched every mind with his tiger-claws
While smiling at me when the blood of the last demon is lapped up by her lion

The foreseen apocalypse begun after Rajanipati-Devá indulged in his unstoppable lust with
They partook in rich wine after the devá’s sandalwood paste washed off with milk
Stayed outside for the whole day letting the ocean’s waves reach the farm lands

Stars waited with subservience to Rajanipati-Devá
Rajanipati-Devá forgot his important task so shrouded his abode at dawn
In this careless act the rākṣasaḥs saw a chance to cause chaos amongst unguarded

The world saw fire and dark rejoice in union while demons stormed the cities
Wrecking the homes with axes, blades, arrows, spiked-clubs and torching the children whose hallowed parents are already buried in the ground

Laughter filled the smoky air after cries for mercy submerged into the sea of blackened bones
Cheekbones smeared with black charcoal, full lips dry after sapping the sweet marrow


A treason these black creatures have committed against Tridivabhavayirtri-Devī yet Sóma-Devá is no where to be seen!?
His legs will become lame when Varuṇa-Devá crushes them with his mighty fist

A shameless devá who rewards tempestuous nymphs with an abundance of gold-threaded red silk
His plump hands eagerly give such a possession only worn by Mahālakṣmī

A bastardly devá he is!
Where there is no concern in his silent heart undeniable regret exists
It pulsates in his conscience till he screams for his wife

No woman can soothe his outbursts for his insides pinch his soul
Such a sensitive entity…vulnerable to Sóma-Devá’s abusive body
Such a shame the spirit has to witness illuminated divine reduced to a mortal’s misery

Let this serve as an urgent message for all those who have lost themselves to the seduction of all-consuming pleasure
One drop of rose water from the golden bowl will snap you into another reality
The devás venture into such a world for their enjoyment but mortals are bound by
a weakness: death

Mortals act like the devás and feel justified but our minds have already shed layers till nothing but the ego remains
The ego is a sneaky cobra….death is a mouse
Oh Sóma-Devá!

Why do you succumb to your heart’s greed!?
To waste your virtuosity away on heartless tempests!
Eons of austere meditation pass on to the next generation of divine beings

Yours is just an ignored toy so the body red from constant arousal
Like a monkey in intense heat
No devá will hold your hand with sympathy in their hearts for you have soiled your place in heaven
Varuṇa judged you as corruptible!
Gone are your selfish prostitutes and white marble palace!

To cope you waddle in a lake alone while the gopis laugh at your impotency
You easily forgot your service to humanity
To wane and wax so the rākṣasaḥs remain imprisoned in Tridivabhavayirtri-Devī’s steel chamber
Gone is your people’s immovable devotion!


I knew your thoughts by staring at your limitless entity after the rain retreated
The air laid down on my feet like a cat, sighing as the heated caressed it
You waited for everyone else to go back to sleep
Then showed me the large pearl in your necklace

I threw a red lotus by which your hand quickly caught it
It released the smell of ripe mangoes under the summer’s sunset
The Aśvins are envious of my affection towards you
Plotting till the end of time for my ladoo!

From the window of my mansion in the Vindhya forest I offered salutations to
you, the fair white lotus
A divine creature sought after by every astrologer
Now, you are missing from the sea of twinkling sea urchins
A mortal hiding in secrecy while kings switch to deviance
And soldiers bring injustice to those who seek help

The rākṣasaḥs aid in the rājās’ adventures of guiltless sin
They’re waiting for the right time when you sacrifice your last bit of power for their conquest of the world
If any thought crossed my mind that you would be the cause of our problems
It couldn’t manifest, for I was enamored with your breadth of light
Light dressed with the spotless virtue of compassion

It gave Bhū-Devī the nourishment she needed when sobbing for being childless
To my surprise, eons later you gave everyone a lit candle in the midst of her turbulent lashes
Your sympathy for the suffering of others has no boundary
It is as limitless as Gangā-Devī in the spring
A heavy burden for a rākṣasaḥ is a devá’s noble trait

Uṣas-Devī turned to Varuṇa-Devá to ask about your whereabouts: “Where did my lord go?”
Varuna-Devá could not answer for the world was suffering more than you
While mankind’s hope is steeped towards nothingness, your lips touch the
refilled wooden bowl
Always displeased with the remaining drop hanging from the rim
Always asking for more, more and more!

When a man gives in to the weakness of his mind he is connected to it
His mother’s words of noble character become a child’s folktale
I am disheartened when seeing my friend throw himself into the tavern
Little by little his mind is eaten by alcoholism

A sickness worse than Śrīmatī Rādhārānī stricken with sudden depression when Keśava leaves her home
Your love for humanity withers under the scorching Sūrya
I cover my ears to not hear your sobbing
It pains me to even wonder what your body has become


I left Bhūdevī’s side after witnessing women and children decapitated by the sword of evil
Men and boys sold into slavery by warlords
The world in anguish has sunken into the cosmos
It waits for Nārāyaṇa’s warrior to fight for us again

In my heart I knew he would come on a white horse wielding Mahākālī’s talwar
He galloped onto the battlefield forming a dust wind that enveloped the entire āsura race
Shouting Nārāyaṇa’s name with pride!
Chopping every foe’s head off a banana bundle from its branch

One, two, three and many more heads bounce as they hit the floor
He crushed their heads like coconuts and licked the watery blood till the skin turned blue
His roar is Bhūdevī’s earthquake, terrifying Indrani’s servants!

They blow conch shells to alert the devás of the Kali Yuga’s apocalyptic battle
All the devás ride into combat with their chariots, armed and drunk on fury
Even Yama-Devá wields a noose to snatch the hideous āsuras by their necks!

Rāma-chandra’s immortal army joins the fight with their hearts emanating Nārāyaṇa’s love
Lightening attacked the ground with such force the forest’s creatures ran to Bhūdevī’s caves
Fire surrounded the battlefield to keep blood from spilling onto her green sari

The Āryas and āsuras skinned eachother down to the little toe forming a lake of blood
No one retreated for their egos saw death instead of glory
Why is Mahākālī simply observing this battle?

She sits atop a tree, her eyes glowing with anger
Every child has slipped into the ether world without a sorrowful wail from the devás
To my horror Mahādevī lost her sanity, releasing a bloodcurdling scream

The birds flew into Bhūdevī’s arms for the raging devī’s voice terrifies them
She leaped onto the bed of corpses unaware they are devás
A spiteful grin adorns her face
For her moral authority is unparalleled in the universe

My husband stood alone before the remaining hundred āsuras
They blocked every direction so no escape could be made
A man who could push your body into the soil with his foot is now the prey
Mahākālī’s screamed once more sending the voices of the āsuras into the netherworld


Speechless they looked in her direction then froze as hard as the Himālaya ’s icecaps
One by one the untouchable shadow knocked off their heads with her mace
She scooped each head to quench her thirst for blood before smashing the skulls with her barefoot
I could not bear to look at her savagery for in its naked form a mother’s wrath brings even Nārāyaṇa to his knees!

In my heart I bowed down to Kālarātri-Devī’s terrible power
The awesome flesh-eating devī who jumps from the mountain top to the ocean’s
Anklets made of asura wrist bones jingle like the devádāsī’s bells
I prostrate before your measureless power in eternal obedience

The āsuras’ skulls crack under her pink sole becoming dust
No one dare challenges the bloodthirsty devī!
For her gaze casts a spell of fear on those who challenge her
A herd of lamb unable to rise from the funeral pyre
Kālarātri reduced this sinful army to a dozen for my husband

She leaped back onto her tree to watch him execute the demons
Her role in this fight against evil has been fulfilled
The flow of blood into her starving belly symbolized this moment
A legion of āsuras would have sprung from each drop of blood yet
Kālarātri’s tongue long as a cobra’s catches it before it hit the ground

When Kālarātri came into existence time had bended inwards
Such pain seared its skin leaving holes that could not contain light
Light is unbridled and time is its servant
One overpowers the other without a just reason
Such is Kālarātri, the rebel who sprang from the bent body of time

Her unbridled nature has been the daunting tale of many slain āsuras
Who is this āsura with bones for a skirt and fangs so long as the waning moon?
The devī of the night may keep time from losing its beautiful figure
Her power cast a spell imbedded in Viṣṇu’s galaxy
Unwavering no matter what cruel game the rākṣasaḥs play with Time

Brāhmaṇas ask for the great bringer of destruction, Kālarātri-Devī, during yajña
In secret they call the ghastly devī an āsura
Her skin color is as black as the ocean’s pearls
Yet her hands reach for children’s palms to offer motherly love

In my heart she is my tender mother awaiting our reunion
I sit before my altar to adorn my ishvara with marigolds
Bathe the black marble in cow’s milk and anoint the forehead with bright roli
Singing my heart’s praise for her magnificent beauty


My dear mother, to the world you are death but to me
you my very thoughts
Selfless love blanketed by ferociousness
The āsuras and the devás cannot mask their pangs of jealousy
Your eyes are little pools of faith in my intentions so I offer
my abundance of gratitude

The tale of Śiva sacrificing his life to Mahādevī is true!
The newly born goddess was a nightmare to the world after
defeating an āsura king
Her ego swallowed the victory
As a result, becoming the mind’s furor

Such madness led the slayer down a path of human annihilation!
The end of this eon would have been mankind’s apocalypse
Most of the devás fled to Pṛthivī’s ocean caves for shelter

The one who remained laid down on the muddy path leading to the Aravallis
She trampled all plants and animals till seeing a naked blue devá
An ego once the largest in the galaxy reduced to that of a child’s

Śiva with the crescent moon in his long brown hair took the form of a motherless baby
Sleeping serenely with his little thumb in his mouth
A selfless deed to rid of the world of needless bloodshed

A second before her foot touched the infant’s chest her mind shook violently
Its eyes opened to witness the heart’s inferno of guilt
The kuṇḍalinī rushed to the heart threatening its existence

The dark-skin devī succumbed to the realization of what her power could do
The heart struck by pain so sharp her legs shook before the deep blue child
Suddenly night turned into day snapping the kuṇḍalinī out of its fixation

The Brāhmaṇas sing of the next moment with welling eyes
Mahādevī whose skin turned fair picks up the smiling baby in her hands, offering
her breastmilk

The devī who felt terrible anger now sings a lullaby to awake him
Hours pass without Mahādevī becoming agitated by her child’s silence


As daylight leaves Pṛthivī’s the white boy and his mother remain locked in an embrace
In this state the pair remained for years while she recovered from the torrent of abuse

Mahāyogin forgot who he was, the mountain dweller who only talks when Bráhman excuses him
Kālikā, forgot who she was, the harbinger of unspeakable massacre

A mother and her child inseparable so the world could breathe again
Such a bond the Brāhmaṇas sing of without stopping to catch their breath
Agním is transported to the moment when Kālikā met her defeat

In his eyes a mother sits on the floor holding her infant
Where once he saw the comet penetrate the soil now exists a victory for
Such a kind mother for she hunched her back to allow Kālikā and her son sit on top!

The way my sweet savior looks at me is like that of Kālikā’s baby
He carries me in his arms adoring my laugh as his steps shake the ground
Gently he lays me down on our bed

To hold my gaze with his own
I forget to take my bathe because his hands push my pelvis against his
Our love is a tiger biting into garnished poultry

Unbeknownst to me, Pushpavān shoots a floral arrow of passion into our hearts
Why does he intervene in our privacy!?
I look to the window and see him peering in
Shyly his eyes dodge our naked bodies

His white body washed with cow’s milk before going on a search for couples
That nose of his finely pointed to lead the way
He pulls the bee-string of his sugarcane bow to send a vibration to our hearts
Amused from pinching them with lust from the floral head of his arrow


One night I set a trap of honey on the window sill
Kāmadeva, so naïve of the mortal’s playfulness
One or two tricks I hid in my closet
In the evening the handsome devá sat on the windowsill ready to tease us again

My husband came home from hunting with Śakra-Devá in Gangā’s forests
While I took a bath Kāmadeva struggled to release himself from the bees’ honey
His skin begin to peel off, staining the wood with blood
My lord saw this invasion thus shot five arrows in rapid succession, piercing the
Devá of Love’s stomach

I rushed to my room, screaming in terror at this atrocity!
An innocent game turned into the murder of a playful devá
My heart broke into pieces which my husband hurriedly gathered
Before he could create a rose vase again Varuṇa-Devá caught me by the hair
Vijaya begged him to let me go but the wise devá’s own heart
is filled with disappointment

I tried to grab hold of my loving kṣatriya yet even the lord’s strong morality kept me
from succeeding
Varuṇa-Devá thrust me into the netherworld without speaking a word
I stand in the misty valley a humbled mortal
I gave you my sweet lord many years of selfless devotion
My hands constantly worked in the kitchen for you

I am stuck in this realm of rākṣasaḥ souls
Spirits bent on vengeance for their murder
I live inside the tree for am too scared to face the sadistic spirits
No pure soul exists but me
How am I pure if my reckless behavior caused the death of another?

I have acted without thinking yet do we not all behave in such a way?
The devás behave foolishly when courtesans dance for their pleasure
I slaved in the kitchen with the smile as pleasant as Sūrya-Devá’s
My sweet savior sees me watching from Vāsava’s shimmering moonstone-encrusted palace
He thrusts his sword in the air as a salutation to my hands adorned with the finest rubies

You are my loyal servant in our tiny abode and I am your loyal servant too
Now that you are so far away my bracelets fade away leaving behind cold wrists
My most prized possession is taken away to degrade my love for you
In secret Vāsava’s courtesans praise my bravery in this cruel exile

Without the shameless character of the devás they are vessels of joy and desire
I knew their heart’s intent from the beginning
It certainly lied with no other!
No devá shall touch these luminescent creatures ever again

Yes, they will be under my protection
No hand dirtied with the blood of a rākṣasaḥ will caress a courtesan’s thigh
They are above such a barbaric manner!
Śakra-Devá groomed his subjects to be greedy swine but I scold them openly


While rain falls onto my sari it continues soaking in the muddy water
I cry in agony for the first memory of me hunting you has brought me into a sorrowful state
Millions of miles forward with the eyes of a gazelle I saw you eating an apple in the shade of a tree
Proud of evading the chase you forget my eyes can see everything

You are too proud to admit defeat so maintain silence for weeks
Oh! This childish game you play!
You don’t make a sound even if I kiss your sweaty neck

Such a strong tree trunk unbreakable even if Śakra-Devá lightening bolt were to hit it
I asked Bráhman to give me a child but instead he gave me a man
A man with playfulness to bring out my laughter

Run and hide in the Himālayas, my rājā!
I will find you and caress those mud-caked cheeks
You slip in the slushy field of grass but pull yourself up like an ambitious king

A goal of escaping my speedy eyes
My soldier, I will always find you hiding in some cave
Suckling the drops of salty ocean water

They are pleasing to your warrior nature
A warrior enjoys nature’s womb without abandon for he is not as reserved as one thinks
Bound to a code of living his mind wants salty water to quench his thirst
I see that part of you since your nature is not limp by the fear of disgust

In the morning you are stark naked standing in the soft blue lake
Waiting for the sun to dry your oiled arms
I sigh as your soapy hair becomes soft like a baby otter’s back
If you turn to look at me my eyes shyly look towards the sky


The sky is a long trail of smashed blueberries
To pick one is to peal the roof so the galaxy can be seen
Wilted lotus flowers crown the head of a rākṣasaḥ
But vibrant orange marigolds and yellow orchids decorate yours!

You wear my handpicked flowers as your sentimental jewelry
I give you golden rings laden with lapis lazulis but you
are more fond of my garden’s flowers
A man who is known all over the world as the drunken slaughterer
Indulging in a drink made of crushed soma and water before battle

Are proudest of wearing my rejuvenated garden’s flowers!
Perhaps the smell reminds you of our erotic union in the jungle

Sūrya-Devá turns black like kohl, a single dot in Dyauṣ Pitā’s smooth forehead
He strokes the Sūrya’s chest gently to see if he is suffering from distress

Sūrya-Devá has nothing to say so Dyauṣ Pitā’s remains neglected
You are outraged by the long cruelty Sūrya-Devá enacts on such a fragile friend

His skin so thin if broken the world would be sucked into nothingness
Like water when forced by Sūrya-Devá to take one last breath

He brings joy to Pṛthivī when pulling the far end of her sari to his chest
Showing us the milky craters and swirls of summer colors condensed into
gigantic marbles of blue, red, silver, brown, purple, orange and pink!

My goodness! It is as if the rainbow ran away from the windy monsoon to lie on Viṣṇu’s transparent floor!
We can see the devás enjoying passion fruit while celestial musicians play the tabla and sitar, singing hymns to a past eon of harmonious innocence

We can smell our mother’s lotus syrup as it pours into Pṛthivī’s garnished womb
All the malnourished black ants jump into stream for a drink
People went about their business in the market square to trade mangoes and silver pots with Sachi’s inscriptions
Their eyes glistening after Gaṅgā touched them at the morning bath
Simple-minded mortals trading their heirlooms for a safety net not worth a year


They knew what was to come but I didn’t…
I should have known, my lord!
I should’ve soared through the streets disguised as a canary
Watching for any sign of guiltless malice

I wait every day under my banyan tree
My hands have shriveled from the prolonged droughts
I beg for water but no one offers me a pot
When Bráhman heard my suffering he refused to end my life

My tree’s leave are gone
Starved for three months, I eat only the air
If one were to see me the stem is snapped in half

The petals dried to a crisp and pollen swallowed by the rākṣasaḥs
Like a gardener who disposes of his tarnished beauty
dispose of me my lord!
Gather sticks for a funeral pyre so I can reunite with my husband

My hair has turned completely gray and cheekbones sag to the jaw
I don’t want anyone to see me in this nasty state
For the a single second would make them vomit

A rose once so tall has shrunken to a weed
My dear hero has no way of seeing me but he knows I am lost
You haven’t told him yet but he will learn soon

If you forgive me for my error I will calm him down
Vijaya inherited the temper of his father Kārtikeya, the Devá of War

Once the devá fretted over whether to strip him of his powers or not
I convinced them to allow the contemplative child to blossom into
their fearless protector


I cannot read the mind of Bhūdevī’s children
Hence, you go in my place to discover a dreaded secret

A home scorched, leaving nothing but children with glassy eyes
The āsuras put a spell on their minds to rend them defenseless before
snatching their hearts

With each city the homes of families are destroyed as a blood filled the streets
Once the parents are all eaten their bones are fashioned into necklaces
They created a bloodbath to fill bathtubs with the blood of children

A stick with a child’s skin attached is used by a nervous servant to scrub an āsura’s back
Oh those poor innocent people!
A harsh image etched into my memory

A smirk appears on every devá’s face for a sport is about to begin
Role the dice and bet on a wife!
Offer your kingdom for it is only people!

This world is for students not quite ready for the puppet-game of the devás
Foolish kings wallow in the ego’s prized muck
Unaware of the devás tugging at their strings

The treason āsuras committed upon Bhūdevī’s ground is an abomination
The rulers of our lands have been maneuvered in the direction of such corruption
Even the purest race of divine beings is seduced by such an easy conquest!

All emotions appear and disappear with a change of the rules
Boys cannot play for they are cats distracted by manipulative mice
A trap with gold coins at the center become their
achilles heal
All noble creatures moved to the rival of the heart without a second thought

Fallen into a state of fixed sadness followed by eyes dissolved by the burning tears of the soul
Morality constantly fought with every ruler’s cowardice
To punish them Varuṇa-Devá cast a spell on their tears to act as knives against the skin
May the wise one turn them into whimpering dogs


My champion watches with rage from beneath Bhūdevī’s soil
Bang! Bang! Bang! He pounds the thick ceiling with his fist!
Shouting Viṣṇu’s prophecy of a gloomy end for
Do they not feel the horror women experience when Bhūdevī is chained to tree posts for the rākṣasaḥs’ pleasure!?

Murderous bastards these rulers most certainly are!
A curse on their feeble, disrobed bodies!
For their next life I shall curse them to be crunched by a cobra’s teeth
The suffering felt by the motherless children when the rākṣasaḥs dismantled their bodies you will endure till I let go of your body

Know this you putrid race of disobedient mahārājas: I curse you to be reborn as diseased rats!
Your bones bit down on by a cobra who does not know your sick mind
His heart is loyal to Śeṣa for he understands the virtue of honor
Your honor is inside a copper pot in your wife’s kitchen for she could not hide her shame
any longer
A devī is elegant in character but a devá is a slave to fickleness

In my gentle heart I cannot destroy the infected leaders of our country
Their knees may be black as the hands of lurking rākṣasaḥs
But their souls are not supposed to be handed to Yamarāja-Devá for consumption
I have the power of virtuosity gifted to me by Mahālakṣmī,
And the power to hand punishment to those who spit on her affection
I bow down to the blue feet you adorn with blue gemstone rings
Each one is made from the moon’s glossy marble
So perfect that Sūrya-Devá looks upon you with noticeable envy!

Nārāyaṇa, your body is curved to match the sensuousness of Śeṣa, King of the Nagas
Who is the galaxy’s coiled bed decorated with the blue devá’s prized emeralds
A humble snake without its poison reigns over his seduced children

Give me a chance to spin the three-limbed wheel of life, death and rebirth Viṣṇu!
Place me on my lord’s throne so I can lift Bhūdevī’s black veil tonight
If Varuṇa will become enraged then I plead you to not divulge our secret

In each eon there is foe too enormous Bhūdevī runs to a sea cave at the furthest corner of the earth
She trembles while praying for Varāha’s rescue
He dove into the electrifying milky galaxy to pull her out
It could have ended his life but he possesses limitless valor

A devá who will save anyone even if the she is ill-mannered
She saw his eyes of unbeatable determination masking a cursed mind
The grateful goddess touched his conscience to soothe the numbing anxiety
The lotus flowers lay beneath your feet undiminished
They grow so full with life that Mahālakṣmī turns away to hide her jealously
Pṛthivī received her right to protect her children in the next left when you lifted the curse


I saved my husband from pain-inducing hallucinations after a sage hexed him for tripping on his dinner plate
Give me the same boon my mother had the rare fortune of receiving before she became one with the milky ocean!
The power to take away a demon’s magick is what I need to save my sister
Pṛthivī is raped continuously screaming my name, can’t you see she needs my help!?
From my parents’ booming lovemaking came me and Pṛthivī
I, the smaller moon of this universe and she, the fertile earth

Nārāyaṇa, you took me into your arms and taught me the Āryan way
Pressured my erring nature to dissipate like the universe when it was a billion years dead
The loudest vibrating shock could be heard within my mind
Your intent was to groom me, my omnipotent eternal sky

I was the guardian of Pṛthivī’s children to keep her oceans will not swallow them
My lord, I cannot help but touch your feet a thousand times!
My serene, nurturing sire, if your eyes stretched any wider we would see many universes
in your mind

It is such great anxiety I feel now that you changed your mind
I am lost in a misty realm without a lit candle to show me the way
Have you abandoned me my doe-eyed lord?

One voice shouts at me with a sneer, that I might enjoy living in a jail cell
On a floor covered with the charred bones of children
If it be true then perhaps I deserve this hell
I regret making the mistake, it was a shameful thing to do
Kāmadeva is gone, my husband is gone, and now the world is barren
Sūrya takes this opportunity to rape a depressed Pṛthivī
Pṛthivī lost her joy to the demons who wished her dead
Her womb is devoid of the seven oceans

In this dying state the lush earth will become a forgotten carcass
Soon the universe will give way for a billion years of pure darkness
Such a dire condition!
Her black sari will appear under the sun’s enormous entity every few centuries
What seems like the wind is just the end of the fabric

In such a moment millions of sacrificed souls shall reach for their mother
Only to realize their purpose is to be recluse
Such temptation a mortal possesses, to be one with her again
If one looks to his left or right there is the same transparent spirit

They’re floating in this black universe which is without boundaries
The material is cool as the artic wind
But bitter like the bees’ unsweetened honey
None have a form, a life or touch…only the thought remains

Copyright © 2010 Sunil Prakash Narayan


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