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Samuel Hiram Duarte, Mexican-American Poet

Samuel Hiram Duarte was born in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico in 1974. Along with his parents and brothers, he migrated to the United States in 1980, settling in California’s rich agricultural valley of San Joaquin and receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Fresno State University. His poetry has been featured in Flies, Cockroaches, and Poets, a yearly journal for the arts, and has participated in various poetry-reading venues. His work includes a short story compilation; The Spirit of El Chorumo, and a book of poetry; Seven Standard Roads. Currently, he is a Family Advocate in Guadalupe, CA and is working on his first novel; Ofelia and the Journey of the Monarch Butterflies. He lives in Santa Maria California alongside his wife Jessica and son, Kael.

                              Featured Poetry of Samuel Hiram Duarte


A firefly dances to the sound of a trumpet
                                            to the beat of buckets
                                                         and tambourines

It dances up to my second story window
                                             to a lively organ
                                                 technicolored guitars,
                                                          and violins

It dances the way people dance out in the street
                                                under sweltering midnight dews
                                                    glowing poetic beats
                                                      under one giant rhythm
                                                          clinking and clinging
                                                              offering one giant toast
                                                                                                 to life


her graceful
                    into fabled
                       esoteric light
across a magnificent
               imaginative sea
                     magnified through
                           diminutive dews
she continued
                 ricocheting fabled embraces
                                   faltered through
reconstructing pretenses
                 run amok
                        through countless wars
                            deemed righteous
                                    over our fellow men

Some prefer her that way –

Some prefer those bewilderments
                                              she bestows
                                                      over placid expectations
                                                              of how things ought to,
                                                                           but will never be


I hid under your bosom
A heavenly sigh under your
Loving, motherly glare
While the frost ate away at our windows
And the hush of our sodden state
Pushed me further into your thighs

How lush it was
Inside that barren world
Where the burning ghost
                                                took over
And your whisper-filled- mouth
                                               Touched the sweetness of your skin

I was safer than your crawling fingers
Walking from one empty space to another –

I was safe-

My breath ricocheted
                                  between you, me, and the outside world-
Until a loud tap hollered against the window
A light beam swooshed in
And I gasped myself back
From your heart
               –     Born back into the grayness
                            Of an otherwise perfect

Bolero Blues

An old man
Called old man
A bar laced
With old string
With a lost mien
Of Spanish flights
Pop Culture
Jazzy rhythm’s
And replicas
Of an intermixing
Blue grass,
Sky walks,
Dentil floss
With no teeth,
And a cane
Snapped off green
Juan Deer Cap
Yellow Caterpillar
And a pair of red
Second time
Around pants
Withered stiff
Like his heavy hands
Gracing the lacing
Of his guitar
Longing to find
In an old

Copyright © 2010 Samuel Hiram Duarte


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