Posted by: tsopr | April 12, 2010

Beyond Rhythm

Beyond Rhythm

My yesterday’s wound was healed by a crawling new morn
Spewing breath from mouth, luminescent like bird’s womb
Flapping its wings to let reasons prescribe to an Orphic sage
Of here and there, consecrating the rocks covered olive trees
Whence once rugged lips dated and kissed a gabby butterfly
Irking a wine bred nationalism in stone-washed Levi’s jeans

In a red clad noon
The Sapphic wind is sighing
Streets’ many voices

Craving for self perfection, this tutored stomach’s now liquid
Pushing me to a menagerie of nature’s call, where I perceive
You, a self-appointed god, who could easily master a tantrum
Like an eagerly bullet that could dig a well of proverbial pain
For you thought that I, a blooming stone, grabbed from yours
This life‘s link, sod with nothing but my tenacity, which feeds

A five decade muse
Tallying the evening stars
For consolation

Ah, a throbbing star is falling from the night sky to entertain
The other side of me, whose hearty sermon became anorexic
Serving obedience to unthawed mind; know that it’s not our
Intention, but a mere fate written in our palms to drink hope
In your two cents grail, painted with conniving wit of history
Your acerbic vision and cultured hatred is our daily patience

That’s not too phallic
In the harvesting season
Like pen and paper

Copyright © 2010 Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago


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