Posted by: tsopr | March 16, 2010



A downpour.

The singers in raincoats

Stand under arches

Sing madrigals.

I wondered where the pigeons go

When it rains at San Marco Piazza.

I wondered if an ancestor of the pigeon

That Nietzsche when sipping Campari

In front of Florian wrote a poem about

Is still alive.

Two lover under a blue tent

Over an iron-grilled closed fountain.

Are kissing.

The two lovers made me very aware

That I was alone in Venice,

Made me intensely aware I am more

Alone when at my home in Tampa.

Copyright © 2010 Duane Locke



  1. Such and interesting an sad image you create within the lines of this poem…that moment of epiphany about one’s life….nicely presented.

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