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Katrina-A Tempest Storm

Katrina-A Tempest Storm-A Collection of Poems, Short Stories and Essays. Many writers and poets across the USA and even a few in Canada have contributed to this book. Prominent Senators like Trent Lott, Thad Cochran, Mary Landrieu and many others have also written essays for the book. Elementary school children in Pascagoula, MS have also contributed to this anthology.

This amazing collection’s compiled by Celine Rose Mariotti. And, she’s looking for a book publisher who will want to publish this very worthwhile project in print. Some of the proceeds of her book will be donated to the people of the Gulf Coast.

Interested book publishers may contact her through The Sound Of Poetry Review, or directly to her by email:

Excerpts from the Book:

Katrina-A Tempest Storm
by Celine Rose Mariotti

If William Shakespeare were about,
In his finest English he ‘twould
Look askance at all that lay
Underfoot, alone and at bay,
He would write of this tempest storm
We call Katrina,
With perfect syntax,
He would write prose that
Illustrate what God hath put asunder,
On such a fateful day,
He would cast upon the waters of that storm,
His words would frighten,
Even scorn,
He would scold the Evil Spirits of a Macbeth,
He would seth forth an army,
And he would wail for many years
For those who perished.
He would make a fiend of those who did not care,
He would seth forth a Hamlet,
Upon this doom,
And seek justice,
From all the ruins,
William Shakespeare is no more,
But of his spirit we can implore,
Katrina-A Tempest Storm
However did this wretched fate,
Come to be on that date.

Faith Remains
by Tricia Stone

The storm begins so far away
And travels across the sea,
Tearing apart homes and lives,
Before it takes its leave.

Wood and brick can be replaced,
So in spite of the anguish felt,
Rejoice in what cannot be stolen
By the cruel hand that is dealt.

Just as the water flows back to the sea,
And the winds are no longer sustained,
The Almighty is there to remind us,
Hope remains, love remains, faith remains.

by Floreann Cawley

A name sweet and innocent
Given to a wicked storm
Hearts frozen, lives torn
The water wild and forceful
Tearing into a path
Driven by the power of nature
Seen by many so true
Katrina a hurricane
Unreal what you can do.

Wake of Disaster
by Karen O’Leary

Whirling wind tears through town,
Whipping homes with riled might.
Waging war, sparing none,
Widespread damage stuns all.
Wails of loss, cries of pain,
Weary souls struggle on…
Weaving life’s broken threads.

by Kimberly K. Thompson

Katrina, Katrina,

such a lovely woman’s name,

don’t let the name deceive you,

she’s a killer and a bane.

She killed in Mississippi and wiped

out New Orleans , she hit other cities,

here and there between.

She’s a killer lady, she was an unrelenting force,

let’s thank God above, she wasn’t any worse,

With the stench of death surrounding you,

the water 20 to 30 feet high,

the people stood on rooftops and screamed

“don’t let us die!” The rescuers poured out from the

earth and helped the people survive, but gone were the

houses, hospitals, businesses, schools and churches-

they were nullified.

It’s going to take love and perseverance to help these people

make a new start.

Please, please people—open up your hearts.

About the Book Author:

Celine Rose Mariotti is a published writer and her work has appeared in many different literary magazines around the USA, in Canada, Scotland, England, India and Australia. Some of the publications are: Magnolia Quarterly, Lone Star Magazine, Storyteller Magazine, Green’s Magazine, Tickled by Thunder, Taylor’s Trust, Poetic Expressions, Poet’s Espresso, Quantum Leap, Poetcrit, PCM Magazine, First Time, FreeXpression, Bell’s Letters Poet, Poets at Work, Calliope, GRIT, Write On! Poetry Magazette, Poet Band Company, and many more. Her first children’s book “Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?” was published by Rock Village Publishing of Massachusetts, and her story, “Leapy the Frog” was published as an e-book by Magbooks of Hong Kong. She self-published a poetry book, “Through Celine’s Eyes“.Her Book link:



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