Posted by: tsopr | February 2, 2010

Celine Rose Mariotti, American Poet

Celine Rose Mariotti is a published writer and her work has appeared in many different literary magazines around the USA, in Canada, Scotland, England, India and Australia.  Some of the publications are:  Magnolia Quarterly, Lone Star Magazine, Storyteller Magazine, Green’s Magazine, Tickled by Thunder, Taylor’s Trust, Poetic Expressions, Poet’s Espresso, Quantum Leap, Poetcrit, PCM Magazine, First Time, FreeXpression, Bell’s Letters Poet, Poets at Work, Calliope, GRIT, Write On! Poetry Magazette, Poet Band Company, and many more. Her first children’s book “Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?” was published by Rock Village Publishing of Massachusetts, and her story, “Leapy the Frog” was published as an e-book by Magbooks of Hong Kong.  She self-published a poetry book, “Through Celine’s Eyes“. Her Book link:

Featured Poetry of Celine Rose Mariotti

Where is the Rose Garden?

Life does not promise us a bed of roses,
Nothing is known for certain,
Everything is what another supposes
Life does not come up all fragrant and pretty,
Nothing is calm and quiet
In the country or the city,
Life does not always promise us fresh blooms
Everything around us shapes our thinking,
Somewhere on the horizon our future looms,
Life does not always promise us a rose garden,
We try to succeed at what we do,
But nothing in life is a bargain
Where is the Rose Garden?

Making a New Friend

an online friendship begun
a stranger still,
your e-mails are fun
we share our lives
we live far apart
somehow you are in my heart

an online conversation
between you and me
daily e-mails
daily camaraderie

an online pen pal
writing back and forth
writing our views
our thoughts, our daily menu
it is nice to have an
e-mail to send
and I just made a new friend.

Dean Martin

He started his life in Steubenville, Ohio,
The son of Italian immigrants,
He sang in nightclubs
And one day he was discovered,
That relaxed, easy way that he sang,
His every note was perfect,
He was a talent all of his own,
He teamed up with Jerry Lewis
And they were quite an act,
But one day Dean decided to quit their act,
He went solo,
Dean had one hit after another,
He was a headliner in Vegas,
A Friend of Frank Sinatra,
They teamed up as the Rat Pack,
Sammy Davis was part of their act,
Dean made movies,
He starred as a spy, Matt Helm,
He was the pilot in “Airport”,
Dean had his own variety show,
Every week he came down that pole,
People just loved Dean Martin,
His voice and his music
Will always be remembered,
Dean Martin will live on forever.

Copyright © 2010 Celine Rose Mariotti


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