Posted by: tsopr | November 9, 2009

My Immortelle, Lea Anne Rana

My Immortelle, Lea Anne Rana

Like sweet immortelle you are, rise, oh rise, for my glory;
ever sway not from the sacred path o’ life onto you I laid,
and don’t, don’t fade in vain, nor be weary o’ serving me!

And think not that I don’t hear your voices when you pray,
nor will I ever let you, oh mine, with fear to be in dalliance;
never let these palms o’ boredom swathe you, nor be at bay;
ever lace yours in wisdom, and dance it into your elegance!

Reach for where these graces o’ being a chosen one dwell
and if you do, not a leaf o’ your breath to your feet will fall;
now, oh Lea Anne Rana o’ mine, listen to what I tell,
although earthly life’s a play, oh, play it safe for your soul!

Copyright © 2009 Ernilando L. Tugaff


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