Posted by: tsopr | November 2, 2009

Poetry From The Heart

Poetry From The Heart

A poetry penned from the heart’s like the crest of making
consented love: breath gasping, pumping out the empty trait
of room where it all started, with salty sweat still tickling
their thoughts. Faces gazing back at the ceiling like portrait

that has witnessed human’s weakness in praise of the body.

A hand’s reaching for a lit. I do not condone smoking
in bed. Though I wonder if that is satisfaction, or just
a marked signature of alter ego after having
sex. Side-table lamp burns brightly; two souls resting from lust,

letting stars watch their nudeness. And I, a night under the

veil of a pushy pen, float and twirl like an autumn leaf
detached from a purple plum tree. Then, I am punctuated
by charm of these smoke rings billowing through the wind en brief
that comes from beyond the drape of secrecy, swaying red.

Copyright © 2009 Ernesto P. Santiago


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