Posted by: tsopr | October 20, 2009

The Fall Of Innocence

The Fall Of Innocence

iolanda scripca's photoAs I left madness in the desert
With empty guns and unresolved dilemmas
A sorrow but protective shield
Made sand dunes crossing me to safety.

Towards the autumn without you
I’m heading ‘lone and taciturn
Mirage of icicle enclosed me
The carcass of my past revives

My tears can’t shed, canteen is hollow
A joker’s wild behind the wheel
The crossroad vanishes in sandstorms
As I am spit out to be skinned


I hear my giggles in green vineyards
As trees remember rusty games
The wind plays gutters in the night
Cranes fill horizon with their wave.

I need next rainstorm like the air
So it can flood my hopes for rivers
As bucks strike hunger in the wolves
I need to feel alive for winter…


Did I leave madness in the desert
Towards an autumn without you?
Or I just dreamed of freedom loosely –
A grain of gold on cacti’ spines…

Copyright © 2009 Iolanda Scripca

About the Poet: 

Iolanda Scripca

Iolanda Scripca lived in Eastern Europe for the first 20 years of her life, in a loving family.  Her mom was a teacher and high school principal and her dad a published writer, poet and TV producer. An unforgettable moment was her collaboration with her Dad in the translation and adaptation of a children’s book by the Bulgarian author Leda Mileva. She is a graduate of Foreign Languages and Literatures from the University of Bucharest / Romania.  Nowadays she enjoys Southern California and possesses a CA Teaching Credential.  Ms. Scripca publishes in several Romanian-American Newspapers both in Romanian and English.


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