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Sonnet Mondal, Indian-English Poet

Sonnet Mondal is an Indian-English poet and the Founder and Managing Editor of “The Enchanting Verses International Journal” (ISSN-0974-3057-Registration office-ISSN Centre, France and NISCAIR, India). He is also the Founder and Secretary General of the “United Minds For Peace Society” (A Global Peace Organization-Head office-India) and the Sub-Secretary General of Poetas Del Mundo (International Poet’s of the World Movement-Headquarters, Chile). At present, he is pursuing B.E./Btech. Course at BESU, Shibpur, West Bengal in India.

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                                Featured Poetry of Sonnet Mondal


Engraved in the steel pages of history,
By bloodshot swords of courage-
Letters of a war – ‘Red’ yet ‘Golden’-
Unwashed by rain, unforgotten by men.

The birds of peace
Were about to sit in the trees,
Between Sparta and Troy-
For the countrymen to rejoice joy.

Wines, fruits and dancing maidens,
Turned the castle in a blissful garden;
Yet on one side in the castle-
The ‘Lady of Love’ was planning a tussle.

Helen gazed, traced and embraced the prince-
Lovingly, noruly yet evidently since
The ‘Love’ stayed under the canopy of fear-
Of her brother,
That broke later before Love’s power.

The younger prince secretly took away Helen-
Crackers, shouts, cheers by men!!
Trouble in disguise waited for them-
I doubt who was to blame!!

Sparta and Greece joined hands!
To capture and revenge the shores of the enemy;
So a fleet of conquerors –
Set off with minds to extend their Empire.

The whole army of Greece
Depended on none but Achilles.
Whose eyes were a glint of sword-
Whose emotion never swayed off words.

His immortal sword struck out once
The boat hit the shore;
His fifty men tore apart –
Troy’s opening door.

Inside Troy’s stone walls,
The soldiers hurried about….
The king and party stood together-
To respond to the Greek shouts…
The next day a fierce war broke out-
Where red fountains spurred up-
Great Greeks fell down before Hector’s frown…

But all along after the temporary win,
Hector knew they were yet to face
Achilles’ wit, style and spear;
The power of horse, the speed of deer.

The daybreak marked another war-
A fight tight for the Greeks this time-
Trojans outshone the armours-
With sudden attack before sunshine.

Achilles in night romance with Hector’s cousin-
Preferred not to be out;
But his cousin-brother went on in his armour-
To be cut dead by the sword of Hector.

Achilles roared out next day-
In a mind for the head of Hector.
A fierce, fearless, gruesome fight,
Marked the fall of the son of Troy.

Twelve days hence the Greeks hit a trick;
To get inside the opaque walls-
They formed as giant horse structure,
To facilitate the entry of butchers.

The Trojans were foolish in their nights-
To undervalue their rival!!
Thinking to have destroyed them-
They engaged their hearts in festival.

At night from the Horse the warriors came out-
As angry louts-
And sleeping Troy was attacked by surprise,
By the strongest enemies in disguise.

Roofs, walls pulled down by fire
Pressed over the countrymen;
Nothing remained saved neither rich nor lame-
The whole Troy dazzled and burned in flames.

Neither Achilles nor the King of Greece hailed the sword,
No Hector no king of Troy was saved in the war!!!
The giant fire swallowed all without bias-
Too add another pillar in the historical dais.

When I meet you…

Today the moon seems to be replaced by your face!!!

The stars too seem to reflect your gaze—

A new blood is gushing through my arms…

My wound neglects any more balm…

The cold wind seem to pass on your whisper-

To swing my wits in the feathery air!!!

I hope you too are on the same sail of thoughts-

That spread like ink blots…..

My heart is learning to speak today-

Perhaps to speak when we meet the next day…………


Those blue eyes-how pretty they seem!

As if through it, is reflected a golden gleam;

With all these inherent music they remained still,

Till a blink from one did it with water fill.

The left face started to grizzle-

From the left eye tears began to drizzle,

The right face stayed as it was

Lack of unique vision as it reflects, Alas!

Was that due to some failure or sin?

That caused the bellows of emotion rise higher than the eye rims-

But the other stayed still and neither did blink-

The ball of hope in it hath not yet shrunk.

Lot of nectar doth a rose contain,

Lack of unique vision of a bee may cause death is certain.

Yesterday Once More

My childhood days were gold

I do remember them;

They with golden veil did my feels mold-

But all were short-lived like a short burning flame.

The walks along the fields of grain-

The runs through the narrow lanes,

The catching of fish

Are some of my memories that I still cherish.

As the darkness chilled the air,

I sat by my grandpa to whom I was a dear

And his ghostly stories’ terror

Made me sit nearer and closer.

And the reading of the jungle lore-

Oh! If I had yesterday once more!

Copyright © 2009 Sonnet Mondal


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