Posted by: tsopr | May 6, 2009

Ernilando L. Tugaff, American Poet

Ernilando L. Tugaff is an American poet from Livermore, California, presently living in Rome, Italy. He’s happily married and a proud father of three grown up kids. He writes poetry when he feels inspired and wishes he could spend more time writing. His poetry has been published online. To read more of his works / poems, click this link:

Hello, Mr. Poet

In the midst of a multitude
A man I call Mr. Poet, emerged
He gave me encouragement,
My soul he influenced
In making journeys to the firmament.

Now, I have a commitment
To make a line or two
To pen what happened today
And to welcome the morrow.

How I wish to be with you for awhile, my son
To squander our time wishing upon a star
To gaze the silvery moon at night
And ask the birds how to fly.

My hands continue to work
The dictates of my heart and mind
Putting some words in a line
Making strange words align.

This is not yet the end of the road
Someday….we will see each other in another world
Bring with you your board
That we will not be bored.

Let’s compose some songs/poems
To the delight of our weary souls
Someday, people will come across
And realize how nice to be a poet.

Prodigal Son

Prodigal son I was
I lived a wayward life;
Indeed a promiscuous
A boy with a sinister heart.

I didn’t respect no one
Nor was I scared from anyone;
Nothing to lose, but all to gain
In my young heart it reigned.

I lived in the streets
With my friends by my side;
I didn’t heed to my parents’ advice
Nor from the teachers sent by God.

In my brood, I was the black sheep
In school, I was the teachers’ antagonist;
A bad influenced, I was branded
To my townspeople, I was bad indeed.

I was eighteen when He touched my heart
I was confounded, baffled and dazed
What is this Lord, I soliloquized?
Change! Change! Is what I realized.

I prayed to the Lord God
“What should I do my Lord?” I asked
“Be my servant!” to me He preconized
Then my faith, He concretized and galvanized.

I am now teaching the good tidings
For men to be saved from impending judgment;
From the lake of fire on the Day of recompense
That the Kingdom of God, they may inherit.

The Scarlet Rose

I see
you’ve reclaimed
the love o’ thy life
Methinks, it has ransomed thy self
body and soul, from the caricature o’ sorrow

This fleeting time is now upon thee; the choice is thine
Alas, to replenish thy thought
with bread o’ wisdom
sounding grace
o’ one

this love
pulsing at
the core o’ thy heart
with each breath you make, doth not lame
’cause mine will bleed to a an agonizing death, for thee

For My Little Sister, Michelle

For letting me draw into thy world
Oh, sweet Michelle li’l sister o’ mine
I offer thee the love o’ great fold
Oh, sweet Michelle, li’l sister o’ mine

With my lips I sing to thee, my song
Oh, sweet Michelle, li’l sister o’ mine
That will keep thy faith, forever, strong
Oh, sweet Michelle, li’l sister of mine

Walk the water o’ life with no fear
For I am always with thee, my dear
Oh, sweet Michelle, li’l sister o’ mine
Oh, sweet Michelle, li’l sister o’ mine

Copyright © 2009 Ernilando L. Tugaff

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