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Iolanda Scripca, American Poet

Iolanda Scripca lived in Eastern Europe for the first 20 years of her life, in a loving family.  Her mom was a teacher and high school principal and her dad a published writer, poet and TV producer.  She is a graduate of Foreign Languages and Literatures from the University of Bucharest.  Nowadays she enjoys Southern California and possesses a CA Teaching Credential.  Ms. Scripca publishes in several Romanian-American Newspapers both in Romanian and English.  She is married to Ron; they own a business and enjoy traveling to exotic places. Her website:



Teralani – E Ku’u Aloha


Teralani - E Ku'u Aloha


Love finds its way from dead magma of my Soul

We giggle on our island with seemingly no enemies

I wonder if the Seven Sacred Pools are just an illusion

and waterfalls are tears of joy or … sorrow.

This is a journey of a day for Gods

– we leave a place and get back in full circle.

You prove to me how weak I am in your emerald embrace

but do not look me in the eyes when searching for Our eternity.

Heavenly Earth – My Love – I ride alone although the car is full 

I do not trust these rainbows – I think they play tricks with my heart-

How can Purity regenerates from the coldness of Insanity

and still be eternally yours when I am just another passer-by?

Teralani – E Ku’u Aloha – it’s time for me to go!



“A tearful nude with wings slapped by the sad beauty of her sunsets”

is missing here, today, at the burglarized Island’s Art Gallery of Life…



They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?



They Shoot Horses, Don't They?








To tame a horse in freezing winter

One plays a childish “hide and seek”

Caress its mane with future Spring

and kiss the hazel moist with love


Distract its pain with sandy gallops

Along the turquoise dreams of freedom

And while you heal the reddish wound

Recount the legend of the horse with wings.


There won’t be saddles only clouds

That sometimes shed rainbows of tears

As darkness falls on killing fields

My soul is neighing as echoes cry…



Trusting Spring


Trusting Spring















I don’t have time to watch it more

– the crooked clock of ironed past –

I don’t believe I can feel spring

Unless I grab your hand and jump


Together in the blossom maze

Perhaps we bring ourselves alive

In poison-free redwoods up north

And secret Jacaranda wonders.


If eyes don’t open – I understand

You don’t need them to see our Heaven

But bear with me for falling seconds

And hope cocoons will burst and open


I sprout again through solid pavement

Against the reconstruction site

And I do know I can bring spring

Together with your warmth from Heaven.



Epilogue of Love

Epilogue of Love














To have lived not being loved at all –

hunchbacked like a question mark-

your soul continuously on parole

imagine beauty in the dark


Perhaps we passed each other in the speed

of different trains colliding with the time

in one – abandoned newborn girl in need

the other – useless vagabond and wine.


Was it your Soul who shook the Jacaranda tree

and made it burst and rain with purple fairies?

Or just a whispered cry within the depth of me –

too much horizon and no space for prairies…


Imagine beauty in the dark

When wings demolish walls of sorrow

I’ll die again an injured lark

Reborn in Phoenix bird tomorrow.



Del Mar Fair



Sea horses displayed

dipped in gold as souvenirs

ocean cries next door






Photos / Poems Copyright © 2009 Iolanda Scripca


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