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Felino Soriano, American Poet

Felino Soriano (California) is a case manager working with developmentally and physically disabled adults. He is the editor of the online journal, Counterexample Poetics,, which focuses on International interpretations of experimental poetry, art, and photography. He is the author of three chapbooks Exhibits Require Understanding Open Eyes (Trainwreck Press, 2008), Feeling Through Mirages (Shadow Archer Press, 2008), Abstract Appearance Reaching Toward the Absolute (Trainwreck Press, 2009) and an e-book Among the Interrogated (BlazeVOX [books], 2008). The juxtaposition of his philosophical studies with his love of classic and avant-garde jazz explains his poetic motivation. His website:


                                 Featured Poetry of Felino Soriano


Painters’ Exhalations 83
—after Jane Kelly’s If We Could Undo Psychosis 2
The could would inherit a smile wrap
-around the entire being. Your face now
aware of the unawareness to the open
empty book of illustrated absence

does not intertwine correctly with those
posing with you.

The if, question hybrid statement would bathe
constantly, redoing its body into fresh,
flattened concrete, foot and harm printless, unstained

say a flower silent in its sing toward sun
ears, brilliant blue or purple in the positive,
unbruised definition.

The greeters would do so without empathy.

Medication would be an other-reality, a non
hand staining ritual carving edible stones
atop the masticated tongue.

We would alert you, recall in the wandering
stilled mind a landscape of physical happiness,
similar to a stream’s million eyes
illuminating the silver crusted fish
propelling the sky of crystal elucidation,
heading among the pointing plants
toward elsewhere where darkness only
exists at the proper, expected periods.

Painters’ Exhalations 84
—after Georgina Hall’s The Outing
Mother conjoined by baby’s grasp
unmistakable scent. Baby
conjoined by mother’s awareness
distinctive hold.

Recall a standing ballad, a song demonstration
causing tear and mending thread to ascertain
emotional gardens trampled by feet of malevolence.

This though, only in the horrid aspect of isolation

Faceless known only by man-named mother, baby.
In a garden of passersby, perhaps the tongue of your voices
can identify you more brazenly, or in such a way the
beautiful connection of two formed specialized
body breaths

can mirror your reciprocating hold, a physical
proclaim face is unneeded in a world of blind




Painters’ Exhalations 85
—after John Geggie’s Curious Child
the open
present prodigy collecting
abstract beings smaller than the
eye admits in their subjective



Painters’ Exhalations 86
—after Richard Cronborg’s Love Lost
Because the arsonist lost faith in
keeping you warm. Shall the night
hesitate to form its white shaft
magazine spine inspired halo

you will sit enlightened

not in worldly manifestations,
the butterfly wrapping yarn
with golden dust circles atop
its wings,

—enlightened by the prodding sears
tears leave tattooing paths of emotion
down the almond form feature
of your swollen cheek.

The Unrecognized, though Effort Posits in Regulation

enliven night’s center
not of human imagination,
a migrating twin of sound and
as in the wings whose
center body fixes to destination and
its constant leaving.
Two voices
scaling air, of vines kissing bricks
of protection
converse in light
whose shadow’s molecules
mimic dwarfed insects
dancing a presence
a code of inhuman brilliance,
one we cannot claim in
arranged syllables,
decapitating meaning.
The movement heard
of physics
motional qualities
a modern spasm
equaling equating time
to body mechanics
voluntarily exiting
when an unknown face
plants itself within
the soil of the mind.
spells their name this way? An hour
grows limbs and travels into
and at its center
evolutional creatures
bond and bound to contemporary
speaks a laughing
vernacular, vocalizing mistrust
of surrounding humans.
Motional Alacrity

The human runs
as to disobey the structured
maintenance of stillness. Catapulted
where the curious’ tongues stick
landings of expletive perfection,
legs rotate a tradition of cycled
steps, leading to an elsewhere
outlined by the absence of monotonous
sitting. Running
signifies. Breaths with tails
hang from mangled lips, a tangled
dangling of the answered why?: To
move, constant. Mind mimic, leap
into poses where reflection morphs
as wings’ beautiful painting strokes,

observing the absent, run to meet the(m). The
human, long distance sprinter
make into form, the formless, spell
into its mouth, meaning, your tired breaths
suggesting life of the untold motions.

 Realized  State       

Never awaken
and death is more than
the visual. As nothing moves (

                                                     sight, breathing water,
the sound of molecules

height is more than distance, a constant
portrait painted where the hand
of a child leans into a dream,
leaping from crawl into a wandering
climax, finding a lover never farther than
his shadow.
Desire, the constant causation,
garbed in often feminine
stares. Unfastened
the woman stands, awaiting. Like the motion
of fire, pointing toward a heightened state,
the mouth pulls another’s
against the only need of
dedicated retrieval.
Socratic Method

A voice, maintaining the constant
mirror. Movement, its language
twirls inside the ear, the ear messages
an interpretation unable to be knuckle rubbed
into absence.

The voice-object burgeons from
the texture of mind-reason duality.
Canopied, protected, called into the angled
light sliding questions within tonal
body, voice crawls the veined neck into perching atop
bludgeoned foreheads, weaves a neighborhood of
homes, the blossom of opinion
mismatched inside the mouth agape
listening now contradicted.

Copyright © 2009 Felino Soriano


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