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Karen O’Leary, American Poet

Karen O’Leary is a Christian wife, mother, nurse and freelance writer from North Dakota, USA. Writing affords her an outlet for her creativity. Her short stories, articles and poetry have appeared in various venues including SP Quill, Storyteller, Fine Lines, Sketchbook, Beyond Kartina, The Journal of Christian Nursing, Voices of Hope, and Art With Words. She feels blessed to share the gift of words.

                                Featured Poetry of Karen O’Leary


Open fields, unfettered
by walls and concrete
speak to my soul,
freeing my spirit to soar.

Green fields, uncluttered
by sandwiched buildings
touch my heart,
helping me to hope.

Natural fields, untainted
by industries’ greed
clear my mind,
daring me to dream.

Flower-sprinkled fields, unsoiled
by strewn litter
enchant my eyes
giving me a glimpse of God.

First Published Art With Words 2005

Just One Candle

the dark abyss
of sadness and grief.
Its rays wrap me in warmth,
gently nudging me beyond
yesterday into tomorrow.
A bright day lures me to hope again,
allowing my faith and courage to shine.

First Published SP Quill 2006


Honor is not a
five letter word
waving in the wind.

Honor is truth
Ongoing commitment
Never wavering values
Others placed first
Respect and integrity

Honor is standing
against mountains to
preserve grains of sand.

The Puppet

Selling out, he hopes the strings
will lead him to the life he craves.
Dangling, he dances to the whims
of the one who claims him.
Cutting the bonds, he sacrifices
fame and riches for freedom.

First Published RB’s Poets’ Viewpoint 2005


Painting pictures with words
Opening a part of the soul
Emotion flowing with the lines
Tapestry skillfully woven
Reflecting thoughts artfully
Yearning to make a difference.

First published The Write Club Contest Booklet 2005

True Color

Honesty is a white
tulip in spring.
It does not pretend
to boast vivid, rich hues.
In its simple beauty,
it displays what it is.

First Published New England Writers’ Network 2008


velvet wrapped
grit with twinkling

First Published Poetry Soup 2008

ripe tomatoes–

ripe tomatoes–
glistening fruit jars
line the counter

Copyright © Karen O’Leary



  1. Karen O’Leary is an inspiration to those who read her. Her sensitivity to life in this world of uncertainty is uplifting as she pens emotion with her heartfelt truth. I have been reading Karen for two years and I am never disappointed with her written subject or style. Upon reading this poet one can connect with her spirituality as well as her love for her fellow man. Rhoda Galgiani, Poet, Long Island, NY

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