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Fide Erken, Turkish Poet

Fide Erken is a Turkish poet, born in 1967 in Bursa, where she lives and works as an English teacher. She has a degree from Uludag University in English, and writes in both English and Turkish. “Writing poetry is a big and a beautiful part of my life, through which I try to send love from my heart to all the world’s people,” she says. Her poems, inspired by nature, have been published on many Internet sites and in magazines. She maintains her own site as well. Fide is married and has two daughters.  


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                                 Featured Poetry of  Fide Erken

They called me to the Country of Poetry

One evening
They called me
To the Country of Poetry.
They said,
“Come quickly!
If not,
No tickets will remain.”
The streets of the Country of Poetry
Have flowers on the pavements.
They smell
So distinctively.
Travellers pass along the streets.
They disappear,
Leaving something scribbled on a scrap of paper…
Some odd writings.

Some people read them
Others throw them away.
But they are inexhaustible
Those odd scribblings.

Travellers come
To the Country of Poetry.
And sometimes are unable to procure
A return ticket.

They drift along
The narrow streets
And pick up flowers
With unusual formations.

There’s a free
Ticket available.
A one-way ticket.

I salute the ones who stay
In the Country of Poetry,
For it’s the country of
The lonely, poor and peculiar.

It’s not possible for you
To enter –
Unless you really are a poet.

Flower Language

flowers have miraculous colours
they send us love with their perfumes;
a different language have flowers
even if i learn all the languages in the world
it won’t be possible for me to tell about love
as well as fragrant flowers
i smell love watching their colours
and want to say “i love you”
in the flower-language to my lover

In a Daisy Field

I’m rolling
in a poetry field,
Where so many daisies abound,
A soft breeze bringing their mist.
I’m smelling them,
Satisfied with watching their
White, yellow appearance,
So I don’t need to write a poem.
Then your name is echoed
Amongst the petals,
Spreading this wonderful sound
All around the waving daisies.
It’s enough to hear
The most beautiful name I’ve ever known.
We smile to each other,
Me and the daisies.
The Love Tree
There was an old tree
at the corner of the street
so big and imposing
that everybody tried to climb it


some people weren’t strong enough
to grasp the branches
so they fell
before reaching the peak
some were too heavy
when these tried to
reside in the tree
they broke the branches

there was one person
tall, thin and gentle
he reached the top
after struggling many years

he settled there
his beautiful wife aside
but the scenery was so attractive
that he started to watch


Butterfly and Life

Life is a charming word
it ends at an unknown time
and has a smaller dimension than is supposed
what difference is there between us
except the sorrows we meet?
our life’s diary has limited pages…
yours is one grand day,
ours last a few short years.
our bodies meet under the ground
but we are different at the door of death.
only our life dimensions are the same
little butterfly,
the rope tying us to life
is as thin as yours

you are obliged to be lost
but we are on an everlasting road
if only our hearts could be as pure as yours!


Snow, Birds and Valentines

there’s a bird meeting on the bushes
snow is falling
tiny white flakes
touch their bodies
poor little birds
they can’t see
happy hugging valentines
watching them in love and peace
morning brings
birds cold and frozen statues


Copyright © 2008 Fide ERKEN



  1. Wonderful poems! I like the poem about butterfly and life the most.

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