Posted by: tsopr | December 20, 2008

Minding Shakespeare

Minding Shakespeare
True love(r) never dies, they say;
pun is more of a fun rhyme to sway.
As for whom this giggling heart
bleeds the most? Know, I always
carry mine with me, ‘til I become pond water;
and hidden not in my eyes, often awake for love,
as they easily show blushes of my thoughts,
ramping over the wall of judgment.
Alone I’ll not be and so is this dearest one;
darkness though life brings
Among the sonnets, the 15th, my soul.
Too many secrets concealed,
even as I speak, to death a name’s been willed!
Copyright © 2008 Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago 


  1. Hello Ernesto,

    This is just awesome my friend. It’s a good thing that I received the information from “Mother Cat.” I really like the wonderful view on the first page of the site. It’s very catching. I will send my thanks to Rhoda for recommending me to the site. Also, thanks for your timely correspondence in getting back in touch me regarding the correct email address. Have a Merry Christmas season, and many blessings for 2009 and the years to come.


    Joseph “Epulaeryu” Spence, Sr.

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