Posted by: tsopr | November 12, 2008

This Is My Shadow (Cleave Poem)

                                  This Is My Shadow (Cleave Poem)                   
                              Poetry is my escape and my cure
                                                   I float in word
                             like free bird soaring swiftly
           into the blue sky; freedom is not found
                           in what you can offer me
                             but in what I can do for my self, without you
                                          vacuuming – my whole
                                   Oh, my shadow can only be   
    seen by those who are willing to see – me     
Copyright © 2008 Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago     

The Author was inspired to explore this form of poetry by an article at The Cleave. The cleave is three poems in one and was created by Dr. Phuoc Tan Diep, poet and artist. To learn more about this poetic form, visit the link below and read the cleave poems and post constructive comment.



  1. Thank you Mr Santiago
    I am honoured that you are exploring and experimenting in the cleave form.

    I believe it can be an important poetic form in our contemporary culture.

    best wishes
    P T Diep

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