Posted by: tsopr | November 7, 2008

In The Verb Of Love

In The Verb Of Love

Two souls,

whose reason became their own
personal struggle, for the glory of
their sleepless minds,
were walked by unrivalled desire
across the field of lust that frolicked
in the fingers of a homing sun.

Yea, ‘twas a visit, a maiden one
and unplanned to the famed fortress,
which the grizzled bards called it
The Garden of Eden”.

Ah, an exciting venture anticipated,
no scripted rules, but mind game was so essential
and playing was not that easy.

The first acts gently ignited the flame
that summoned teasingly the lazy night
to slough the shyness
from the back of our heads
the graciousness of a revelation.

Hmm, sweet velvet traces
of adulthood seemed under way
as we, the mortal toys of Eros,
emerged from the pristine lake of ignorance,
holding tight the last breath of gawkiness,
to shoo the unseen tweeter.

Our cherry flavored sweat
started to roll emphatically
down the green sheet full of incantation,
to wet the dryness of the incoming night.

We were ready
to explore the prophetic myth
of innocence, with the fragile hearts
throbbing excitedly.

She, my one and only,
first savored the warm glow
of my brown eyes,
matched it with a table wine
that made her more confident
to what she was doing.

I, the blooming horse,
who dreamed of
becoming adult in an instant
was in cloud nine.

In front of her, I tried to hide
my nervousness,
so that I would not disappoint
the god of love, who wrapped our shadows
together in a scroll.

The early blush of our bodies
lead us to eternity, we thought.

I perceived the scraggy tweeter
cussed me, for kissing in public
my mates honey scented lips that were glistening
under the peeking light of a manmade moon,
and it was not taking a rest from peeping.

My gaze at the aura
that filled my aura was unsteady.
I kept on searching
for every piece of her details
custom official doing a body search.

Are you just gointo search her?
Hey, let us sleep
with the spirit of the night!”
echoed the trees, while they hit wildly
passing orphic wind.

Oh, I waited years
and spent my stipend for this event,
so that I would not have to be
treated like fool sissy,
by my nagging peers!” replied I.

But when my very thorough search was over
and I was only a stoplight away to be there,
in the verb of love, the doctor came in haste
and woke me up from a drug induced sleep.
Copyright © 2008 Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago


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