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“iesirea din cuvinte / coming out of words” by Laurian Stănchescu

Book Review:


“iesirea din cuvinte / coming out of words”

by Laurian Stănchescu


Book Details:


Paperback: 160 pages

Publisher: Domino, 2008

Language: Bilingual Romanian / English  

ISBN: 978-973-1838-15-1



“iesirea din cuvinte / coming out of words” is a bilingual Romanian / English collection of poems, by poet Laurian Stănchescu. The layout of the poems was simply readable, yet the ultimate influence of “iesirea din cuvinte / coming out of words” is not seen in the style on how the poetry is being presented, but in the subjects the author presents. The subjects in the poems include love, war, faith and religion, life and death.


Although the author was not able to free himself from his relationship with the world that was haunted by unsatisfying events of life, nonetheless in his poetry, he shares his own experiences and thoughts on every different angle of life, of human existence and its growth. The deep sincerity and compassion in Mr. Laurian Stănchescu’s writing gives the reader of his book inspirational advice and is truly moved by his attitude in embracing life no matter what, as seen in the concluding stanzas of his poem “life”, on pages 11-15.


     I the illusion

     let you in


     live wisely

     the life

     I offered you


Reading “iesirea din cuvinte / coming out of words” the reader is also amazed by the incredible depth and profound character of the author. This volume contains the most thought-provoking poems I’ve ever read and I loved how the author used short, but sharp verses to express to his reader the beauty of his poetry that lingers with the reader long after it’s read, just as found in his poems: “the stone” page 57, “the other beginning” page 69; “coming out of words” page 83; and many more.


Another short write that I found to speak of faith, commitment and relationship with the Creator can be traced in his poem “prayer (II)”, on page 79.




     hand me your rod


     to accompany

     my shadow


     to you


“to my mother”, page 119, was an emotional tribute poem of a son to his loving mother.


“last line of defense”, page 121, this piece of art tells the un-peaceful life of a soldier that many of us can relate upon reading it.


“detachment of myself”, page 85, an introspective poem full of images and emotion, defining ones’ self, as seen in these lines.


     and in the end the sight

     moving unflinchingly around me


     only my heart remained


     which keeps everything floating



The above-mentioned poems were just some of the extra-ordinary writings that have great impact on me. After reading this poetry collection, my soul is versified with pure poetry!  The author, sod with great wit, sketch beautiful images from the heart as if the written text of its blood for the reader to view and to enjoy.


I speak no Romanian, but I still enjoyed a lot reading the poems in English. This poetry book is perfect not only for those men of literature but for those that have been thrown or cast away, and also for those who are, or still, in the process of understanding / learning the universe, the matter and the weightlessness, and life as a whole.


“iesirea din cuvinte / coming out of words” is powerful, moving and thought provoking and it is not just a very important work of the author, but truly a poetry book worth reading!—the Editor.



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About the Author:


Laurian Stănchescu is an award winning Romanian poet, essayist and literary critic. He is the author of a noble literary work “the Crying of Nichita Stănescu, 2007”.




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