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Filipino Immigrant Wins Grand Prize in Romania


The July 16-22, 2008 12th  Edition of the International Poetry Festival “Curtea de Arges Poetry Nights” drew in over a hundred poets from around the globe and after a week of endless activities such as poetry / arts / book exhibitions; poetry recitation in public squares,  city halls, city museums and in the International Union of Writers’ hall; meetings with Romanian writers and long-tiring trips around the country, finally, the International Academy of Orient-Occident judges have selected the 2008 winners of the  International Festival “Curtea de Arges Poetry Nights”.


Proclaiming the winners was not an easy task for the judges because all the participating poets were mostly published / professional, well-versed and they delivered their poems in a very exceptional way but only one poet could get the most coveted prize in each category. Surprisingly, a Filipino immigrant once again mesmerized the world, returning to Athens, Greece with a back pack, filled with a bronze cross on a pure marble base, the symbol of Curtea the Arges, for his profound poetry and art collections edging out short-listed poets from Great Britain and Japan.


The International Academy Orient-Occident judges awarded Athens based Filipino poet / immigrant Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago-the Grand Prize for Arts (Grand Prix Orient-Occident Des Arts), Turkish poet Ahmed Emin Atasol-the Balkan Grand Prize for poetry, Austrian Liv Lundberg- the European Grand Prize for Poetry, Syrian Sulaiman Al-Hukmiyya- the Grand Prize for World Poetry, Romanian Andrei Ionescu- the National Grand Prize for Literature, and Romanian George Vulturescu was inducted as new member to the Orient-Occident Academy.


About the Festival: The Romania International Festival “Curtea de Argeş Poetry Nights” was set up in 1997, belonging to the annual programs of the Foundation and Cultural Organization International Academy Orient-Occident (Curtea de Argeş, Romania). This festival has a unique character, within the Central European countries, it has aimed and succeeded from the very beginning to become part of the international circuit of big festivals such as Struga (R. Macedonia), Las Palmas (Spain), Medellin (Colombia), Trois Rivières (Canada), etc. The International Festival “Curtea de Argeş Poetry Nights” is conceived as an encomium to the world poetry nowadays, as a ceaseless poetical performance: such as the Romanian traditional music, art exhibition and book releases, Romanian folk dances, visits to the fortresses and castles of Vlad Ţepeş (Dracula), trips to the Carpathian Mountains and many more surprising activities. The festival lasts 6 days and 6 nights.


Literary Prizes: On the occasion of the Festival, the Academy will award the following prizes: 1. Wallachia Prize (for Translations); 2. Balkan Grand Prize (for Poetry); 3. The Grand European Prize (for Poetry); 4. Orient-Occident Grand Prize (for Arts); 5. The National Grand Prize (for Literature); 6. The World Grand Prize for Poetry.


Objectives: Among the objectives of the Foundation and Cultural Organization International Academy “Orient-Occident” and of the International Festival “Curtea de Argeş Poetry Nights” are: 1. Promoting of mutual respect, the respect between peoples and cultures, promoting peace, non-violence, cultural, linguistic, ethnical, religious and age tolerance on the national, regional (Balkans, South and Central Europe) and international (East-West, North-South, Orient-Occident) plane; 2. Getting men of letters from all cultural meridians together; 3. Stimulating the Romanian contemporary creation; 4. Increasing the interest of men of culture from abroad in the Romanian culture and civilization; 5. Strengthening of the civil society interest for the Romanian and universal cultural values; 6. Increasing the role of the particular / private initiatives in the preparation, organization and administration of the cultural act; 7.Turning to good account of the cultural management experience of Romanian personalities; 8. Integration of Romanian cultural values in the international circuit; 9. Formation of participation spirit within individuals and collectivities to the knowledge and promotion of the Romanian and foreign cultural values.


Yearly, on the occasion of the festival, one ceremony of joining new members to the International Academy Orient-Occident takes place in Master Manole’s Hall (Royal / Episcopal Palace at Curtea de Argeş).


This year, the 12th edition of the International Festival „Curtea de Argeş Poetry Nights” was held at the Curtea de Arges City Museum on 16-22 July 2008, having as motto: „1001 Poems” and was hosted by poet Dumitru M. Ion (President) and poetess Carolina Ilica (Artistic Director).




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