Posted by: tsopr | May 5, 2008

Overseas Filipino Worker Wins International Poetry Contest

The March 06, 2008 PoetrySoup International Poetry Contest brought in over a thousand of poems (1150) of all kinds and in different poetic forms, from poets around the globe. Narrowing the field down to 277 semi-finalists, only 25 winning poems were selected and they are currently featured on PoetrySoup home page.

Selecting the winners was surely a tough task for the judges because all the entries were superb and each poem had something to convey, but only one poet could receive the top prize: 1st Place Award of Excellence and the honor went to Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago, an Overseas Filipino Worker based in Athens, Greece. Unknown to many he’s also a poet and author of “The Walking Man” a poetry book published by Outskirtspress. He is also nominated for the 4th MUSES AWARDS-POETRY PRIZE and will be travelling to Bucharest, Romania to participate in the 12th edition of the International Festival “Curtea de Argeş Poetry Nights”, July 16-22, 2008.

His winning poem “Spring Bud” appealed to young readers and the olds alike. It truly worked in words the very same way a gardener works in his garden. The poem amazes the readers with its shape form, words usage and originality.

Read the winning poems here:


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