Posted by: tsopr | April 28, 2008

Magnus Amudi Nwagu, Nigerian Poet

Magnus Amudi Nwagu is a poet and a young student, from Affa in Udi local Government Area of Enugu state Nigeria and was born on August 30, 1987. He loves literature and writes poetry with zest. He is currently enrolled at the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) in Nigeria, taking Law.

                                Featured Poetry Magnus Amudi Nwagu


The aesthetic work of nature
As shining as the dark coal of the east.
A figure admired than 8
Hairs like the tail of horse

A skin better than fresh foliage in day
Legs far more straight than ostrich’s
Eyes sharper than eagles and lovelier than cats
The “Uri” her beautifier and decorator

A walking cat in her walk
Gentle and peaceful like dove
As diligent as the diligent ant
Per excellence in all

Thou are beauty
Thou are glorious to behold.


Nigeria is this you the golden eagle
Feeding on dried vegetation with wings in black
Once like Isaac in sight of Abraham
A rose in the hands of jezebel thou are

Could that be you so lean as if HIV positive
Infected by unfaithful partners of yours
That prefers thy quality to that of leprosy hands
Oh! What a paradoxical life

Can you ever grow in spite of all this?
Like the great Iroko tree in my village
But if the red cap, the talking drum
And the great amara eaters will come together with one voice

And say like the biblical Jesus, “Stand and Walk”
I know that thy bone shall rise again.


In the middle of a meal
As tempting as Nebuchadnezzar’s table
She feasted fiercely
Without noticing the protruding bone,
In the fish she churns

Alas a cry
For help,
Creating a sore in the throat
Neither water nor food
Shall find its way down

For her system disrupted
Like our system of governance

She must be treated
For their to be an improvement

Copyright © 2008 Magnus Amudi Nwagu


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