Posted by: tsopr | March 7, 2008

Meet Gino Dolorzo, the Filipino Poet

Author’s Biography:

Gino Dolorzo is raised in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines which would want to call him GiNoLoCo for he thinks it is an indication that he’s a part of a sub-species called humans. He’s currently taking up his Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education Major in Special Education in Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan

Furthermore, he usually associates himself to a wilted daffodil accidentally-like dancing with the rhythm of the breeze sullenly waiting when to be blown away or pretty much synonymous to a chewed bubblegum just patiently waiting when to sink in.

Mr. Gino Dolorzo’s poem “Cobwebs and Tears” is a 4th place (Honorable Mention) winner of the January 28, 2008 “The Love Me or Love Me Not Free Verse International Poetry Contest”, sponsored by: USA poet Mark Cotterman-Author of the Beauty of Someday: Poems from a Dysfunctional Heart

Featured Poetry:


She sits sullen
Quiet and isolated
Onto a sea-shell littered shore
Beaten by the wave
Like a mute deafen by the midnight air

She stares at the moon with freckles of moon rock
Silhouetted against the sky streaked with white
As if tie-dyed in pale grey
As she reluctantly sniffs the salt-scented
Twilight mist cast by the sea breeze

She strums the smooth silhouette of
Her companion —a suspicious-looking
Bottle fogged-up by her breath.
And ah! She treats it
Her sister —not in blood but in heart.

In a single doubtful gulp,
She devours its rust colored liquor
Which, too later guarantees nothing but
The rest her body aches for.

Seconds passed, sea birds have flown
Streams of sweat
Gush down the sides of her face.
The pins and the needles kick-off
Their catwalks on the runway
Pole of her spine.
While, the spotlight of her mind
Clothes her thoughts with numbness.

She sits still
Now prostrate with unease
Like a pigeon that had lost
Half of its feathers
Beads of tears roll down
Towards the wingtips of her lips
Frozen with a smile half-baked.

Her eyes shut
But gently
For good.


Cobwebs and Tears

The moon casts a surreal light
Upon looking out of the window
The night is my mistress
Solitude my blanket
Then I think of you;
The daffodils dancing as they glisten
Your almond eyes,
Serene lips always rest unscathed –
Right every after kiss,
Your silly ponytail.
They speak to me in rhythms
They hush me in rhymes
As I haunt an honest silence
To save the calmness half death

My body aches to breathe your breath –
Your tequila breath.
I smile stretched from ear to ear
For it brings the contemplative
mood of my soul
Your flavored lip gloss lingers on me now
Bewitched on how it bathes
As it rinses my lips – my chapped lips.
Like an ocean hugging its shore
It tastes like Paris

Tonight I lie in bed,
A nest which doesn’t offer
A place of comfort no more
Tossing and turning
Swaying restlessly
All because you stop singing my lullaby
It’s our pillow upon my head
Reaching against my wet cheeks
Colder than death
Too later – Too soon
It would then be

Drowned by cobwebs
Soaked in tears.


Almost Poetic

Falling in love
Is a decent manifestation
Of emotional full growth;

Falling out of love
Is an indelicate indication
Of emotional immaturity.

Copyright@2007 GiNoLoCo dolorzo


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