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Book Review “Voices of Hope” by The Global Poets Guild

Book Review “Voices of Hope” Edited By Crystal Bourret

“Voices of Hope” is a touching collection of poems, edited by Crystal Bourret, poet/founder of The Global Poets Guild and it’s published in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. The book cover was created/designed by David Weimer, who provided the book a beautiful touch of hope and life. The layout of this amazing collection was simply exceptional. 

“Voices of Hope” a project, came to reality inspired by one woman’s determination to make a difference through the power of the mighty pen and it gives an opportunity for contributing poets/authors to share their works and messages with the world. 

This collection features some of the most talented, emerging poets of today. These are individuals from all walks of life, who have shown the generosity to share their poetry with goals of raising awareness about cancer and to raise funds to help a charity for the benefits of cancer victims. Each poet offers his/her own insight about cancer and provides comfort through their heartfelt poetry. It also demonstrates the solidarity of the contributing poets and their un-replaceable sense of caring, with love and compassion that makes “Voices of Hope” special.                

“Voices of Hope” is a book worthy to read and I highly recommend it to people who wonder about cancer, the dreadful disease that affects million of people young and old, to those who has suffered losses and pain, and to those who just want to delve their selves into reading and enjoy great pieces of arts. 

I really think that the opening poem on page 2 of this collection was superb and very inspiring that was written by the Editor herself entitled “Wings of Dove”. This poem though with softness in its tone, yet the message was very vivid and full of hope, uplifting those who are in grief.  

Another write that I found to speak of such commitment and love- the link which binds us people is “In Unity…” by poet Karen O’Leary. This was a free-verse poem of sentiment, for all readers to reflect and refer to. 

“Angels Cry” by poet Vince Suzadail, a rhyme poem that readers can relate in some point of their lives. It brings back sad memories of losing a child and it was well penned and profound. 

“Ship of Dreams” by poet Elaine George, in this masterpiece there’s peace and serenity that one can feel upon reading it. This was a beautiful tribute poem to a father right from a daughter’s heart.  

“Branches of Love” by poet Rhoda Galgiani was undeniably an excellent poem, full of emotion, tribute of a mother to her lost child. 

The foregoing writings were just some of my favorite poems. After reading this poetry collection, I’m in great awe for words and really I am very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful project. My congratulations to all of the contributing poets/authors for a job well done!    

Book Details: 

Voices of Hope, pp 112

Year of Publication: 2007

ISBN # 978-0-974987-0-2

Publisher: The Global Poets Guild  

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  1. The book review on “Voices of Hope” is very uplifting and gives wonderful insight to some of the poets participating in a combined project. Inspired by Crystal Bourret was a blessing getting this inspirational poetry book off the ground and into the hands of people who enjoy reading poetry. A book of poetry that will delight all who purchase it and bring added happiness knowing the proceeds will be going to Cancer Research. Well done Ernesto. I look forward to reading more on this delightful website. Rhoda Galgiani

  2. Thank you Rhoda, for your time reading and commenting my book review on “Voices of Hope”.

    God bless,


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