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Featured Poet: Rhoda Galgiani

An Introduction to Poet Rhoda Galgiani

Rhoda Galgiani was born in CA, but now resides in the state of NY. She is retired and is active in the Social Clubs and a Choral Group where she lives in a Senior Community. She began writing poetry and short stories in 1976, finding she felt the excitement growing with each line she penned. Writing has become her passion and she was first published in local newspapers and a recent poetry book called “Voices of Hope” in 2007, which is proceeding “On Butterfly Wings” in 2008. Rhoda also is an active Community Builder on where she posts her poetry for others to enjoy. The first poem she composed “Love is Life, Life is Love. Without Either There is No Being.” words she truly believes…thus, a poet was born.

Her Expressions Poetry Journal

Featured Poetry:

Branches of Love

Slumbering, the Weeping Willow
drapes her flowing branches around
the ageless trunk of life that sustains her.

Every now and again, she peeks
to see who may be laying comfortably
beneath her umbrella of cooling shade.

Laughter from afar as children
run, playing knowing there is safety
within her reach, guarding them from harm.

Flowers of sweet fragrance showers the
evening air for all to inhale as they stroll in the
quiet neighborhoods, enjoying their rural life.

Remember again, come dawn, Weeping Willow will
spread her loving growth, sheltering the trusting passerby
from the sun, heat and spitting rain nature brings…

for the Weeping Willow nurtures all those
who trust her massive branches of love.

Copyright © 2007 Rhoda Galgiani

His Wings

The Whippoorwill cries your name
as he flies from the branches in the forest,
amongst the shadows of the overgrown foliage
of the aging towers that reach to the sunlit sky.

Mystery within the crevices of the musty bark contain
circles of growth, as time marked her way from
generation to generation, as seasons of new
growth reappears on the branches of life.

The Whippoorwill cries your name
as he searches for your being, calling for
you to return to the safety of the dwelling
provided to protect the innocents of your nature.

Reaching out to explore the unknown,
to tread upon the unstable waters of the surface that
is shaky beneath your feet, to test the stability of the
world that is beyond your reach, is your calling.

The Whippoorwill cries your name
as he circles faithfully above your halo of angelic
surroundings, guiding you carefully to a safe place,
to begin your long awaited adventure of life knowing…

His wings will catch you if you fall.

Copyright © 2007 Rhoda Galgiani

The Eleventh Year

The thought of eleven comes painfully,
As if a stab in the heart from a memory
Of an unfair justice, a choice not made
Of me, a decision coming from a greater power,
An event that is not of my will.

Yesterday is so vivid, painfully real,
A reality that I never want to endure again,
Before my eyes close for the final journey.
When I seek the peace and love from my God,
As he promised me from the beginning.

A single tear comes to my eye as I
Remember you and then I weep,
For you are no more, you I cannot touch,
You I cannot see or feel,
For you were taken away for a purpose.

The memory of you is vivid as I envision
The gentleness in your eyes, the sweetness
Of your smile, remembering the softness
Of your voice as you whispered,
“I love you, Mom”.

I cry tears of a Mother’s emptiness,
For my Sunshine was taken that day
You saw the bright light leading
You to wherever we take our journey,
Wherever is His will, whatever is His plan…

Knowing we shall embrace again.

Dedicated to my Son
John Thomas Orokos
January 5, 1962 – August 12, 1996

Copyright © 2007 Rhoda Galgiani



  1. Rhoda this is excellent. You’re just so amazing with your creativity and imaginative spirit. The dedication to your son is wonderful. Keep writing and embarking upon new horizons as you spread your wings like an eagle. Stay beautiful like the flowers of sweet fragrance showering on us. Great job and have a Merry Christmas. ~ Joseph (Epulaeryu)

  2. “Good” poetry some say whispers beneath the skin of the reader. It not only wakes up the heart but enlarges it. This small collection by Rhoda must be good poetry because it did indeed accomplish that in me. Congratulations to a talented writer and an amazing person.

    Mark Anthony Cotterman
    Author of —
    “The Beauty of Someday”

  3. Being a friend of Ms. Galgiani, I can certainly assure you that this is an accomplished and extremely gifted writer. The realm of her creativity is expansive. Her subject matters and emotions are diverse and imaginative. When reading a poem by Rhoda, the reader literally becomes a part of the poem! Branches of Love is undeniably a fine example of her genuine ability to create a feeling or response from the reader – through her exquisite style and intelligent form. Rhoda Galgiani is one of those rare poet’s who’s poetic genius dares to go unnoticed! Peace always, John

  4. Hey, good job girlfriend. I have a beautiful willow and I enjoyed your poem. Great tribute to your son. Take care. Love, Vernette

  5. Rhoda, I am happy to see you featured here.
    You know you are one of my favorites. You my dear will go far.

  6. After reading most of Ms. Rhoda Galgiani’s work, I’m mesmerized by the inner beauty of her soul—a rare gem, brightly shining even in the darkest night. And, I wonder why this brilliant poet left un-recognized. She’s a beautiful person and an amazing weaver of life’s reality, into her poetry, leaving her readers in great awe!—the Editor

    You can read her works at Expressions Poetry Journal

  7. Just a note to let you know I have added your link to ‘Expressions Poetry Journal’. Please come visit and see all the new additions. Hugs, Rhoda

  8. Expressions Poetry Journal –

    It comes from the heart, it touches the soul, it whispers words of comfort to those in need as expression is shared with others giving a new understanding to the word – poetry

    Rhoda Galgiani, Poet, LI, NY

  9. Many thanks Rhoda for the visit! Namaste, E.

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