Posted by: tsopr | December 17, 2007

Poetry by Juanita Ganir

Juanita Ganir is a Filipina poet based in Athens, Greece.
She believes that Poetry is an expression of the mind.
Though, she’s new to poetry, yet she already gained
for herself a recognition from other poets for her work,
a haiku “Sacred Well”, a Poetry Soup Featured Poem
of the Week, in 2oo6.

Sacred Well

A shaft produces…
water of life, which one must
protect like the rocks

Copyright © 2006 Juanita Ganir


I Will Never Walk Alone Again

Wandering like a gusts of wind
in this world full of anguish and sorrow;
fears strike when darkness comes,
what to do? …. I don’t know!

Then from nowhere, I heard a voice
whispering…..follow me! who are you? I asked;
the Shepherd of the truth,
come… I’ll bring you into my flock, says the voice.

Clouded with uncertainties I am
and for stranger you are, I refused;
but still, you took my hand
and showed me the way.

From You, I learned to live in harmony;
with You, I will never walk alone again!
I shed tears for the happiness you brought into my life,
the love you’ve shown me…I’ll treasure till the end.

The precious words you instilled
forever will be in my heart and will shine brightly,
…brighter than the rising sun,
till I see the Holy land.

O thank you, my Almighty Father, for my inclusion
into the fold….the Church of Christ,
of which I now belong,
and call it my own…Family!

Copyright © 2006 Juanita Ganir


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